1. CoFarmer

    For Sale Yellow bottle neck jack, CO (SOLD)

    I have a original yellow bottle neck jack out of my cruiser. Comes with jack and rods in pic. Works fine. If interested I can take the mounts out of the cruiser for the rods and jack. $150 plus shipping Additionally, I can blast this and rebuild it if thats something your interested in.
  2. swamp-thing

    Wanted Broken Yellow bottle jack

    I would like to find a functioning yellow landcruiser bottle jack with a cracked / broken base ( as many are ). Let me know what you've got kicking around & the asking price! Thanks!
  3. ncavi10

    Found a yellow hose connector

    Was giving my 100 a bath today and found what I think is a yellow hose connector above my skid plate? The arrow is pointing to where I found it. Caught me off guard and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary? Anyone have some insight? or suggestions?
  4. Goebeler

    Yellow Zink Plating Sources

    I am looking to get a bunch of original cruiser parts plated and would love some leads on companies that offer the service. I was in contact with the Yellow Zink guy in New Jersey and he isnt taking orders now and or in the near future. I have seen a few threads while searching but haven't seen...
  5. B

    For Sale Yellow Box v5 with plug-n-play wiring harness

    I ordered the Yellow Box v5 - with Custom Plug-n-play wiring harness - but have since decided I don't want it afterall. I should return it directly for a full refund, however it'll take another week or two for the refund to process so I'd prefer to just sell it to a fellow mudder asap. Local...
  6. Markuson

    Cloudy Headlights: Best $20 Ever!

    My 8 year old 2008 looks practically new--except for the ugly headlight covers. They were pretty bad & I assumed the damage was too deep in the plastic to recover, but picked up this $20 kit from Harbor Freight yesterday to give it a try: See the before/after below with about 90 minutes of...
  7. T

    For Sale YELLOW 1983 TOYOTA FJ60 1 TON

    PRICE REDUCED! I purchased this rust-free truck from a member in Vegas a year ago with the intent on using it for coyote hunting here in New Jersey. Had the truck delivered, installed a Winters shifter for the 700R4, and I never went coyote hunting this past year...just too busy...the story of...
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