1. krice118

    craigslist  Gem, only $5500

    Not mine Nice 80 with modifications front and rear 1993 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 4.5L I6 AUTOMATIC Why do people think that all Land cruisers are worth so much money???? The market is insane
  2. Goforth

    Builds  WTF did I buy - Project do it right the second time

    My first cruiser. I know the rule is to never buy the first one you see, but I failed following instructions. A lot of you are experts with a lot more experience than me. Any advice and comments no matter how brutal are appreciated. What the heck did I buy? For starters it's a 1967.
  3. V

    WTF is wrong with my steering?

    We've had a couple cold spells in the last month. After a really brisk (for us) 10 degree (f) morning, I can out and started the LX470 and let it warm up before pulling away from the curb. The steering was difficult only at 10 and 2 in the rotation. The rest was a little more difficult, but...
  4. 04gto

    What are these?

    Two things that I am not sure of what they are: 1-I think this is a plug for an OEM CD changer? If it is for the CD changer I will re purpose it to power an inverter or? 2- I found this little foam stick floating in my windshield washer reservoir. WTF is the purpose of this? Never seen one in...
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