1. PanchoLedezma

    80's People this one caught me off Guard... this is what i found VIDEO

    While figuring out a knocking sound this is what i found: The harmonic balancer has a little wobble and a particular sound, i dont' have a lot of knowledge and this one escapes my hands. Your thoughts will be appreciated greatly.
  2. PanchoLedezma

    Have a Bad wobble at 60 mph, after trying to balance it with weights and Pebbles,not working, ideas?

    when off-road it doesn't manner but when going back in the highway is a real pain in the arsp, i have 38.1x14 r15, weights and pebbles and it has improvement but is not fixed. Thinking in trying a Double Damper as a cheap investment because i do not use the car in the city, i only used it to go...
  3. P

    Stock 100 steering shake - common? easy fix?

    I'm currently on the hunt for a 05-06 100. Oddly for over a month of searching, I've only been able to drive one for the first time yesterday. Tested a stock 06 LX470 with Hankook tires (very street orientated tires) with 150k on the odo. Plenty of tread and didn't show odd wear. When I...
  4. Box Rocket

    Pinion Bearing wobble

    Last night while doing all my Pre-Cruise Moab checks on my truck I noticed a very slight amount of up/down movement at the pinion flange on my front diff. The diff has 4.88 Nitro gears and install kits from @justdifferentials that were installed just last summer, so I'm a little surprised to...
  5. DirtScaresMe

    Wobble sockets

    Just got my first set of SK impact swivel sockets. Any protips on when to use these vs my regular fixed impact sockets? Also, any thoughts on: Fixed extension + swivel socket Vs Swivel extension + fixed sockets
  6. A

    Highway speeds, shaking

    Can someone provide me with some incite on this problem? At speeds above 50mph in my 01 LX my front end feels very lose and the steering wheel gets a moderate shake to it. Tires where recently balanced, my mechanic said he checked all the front end stuff and everything looked tight. Maybe bad...
  7. B

    Wobble when braking at highway Speeds

    Recently purchased a 2001 Landcruiser with about 180k miles and noticed a wobble when I brake on the highway, it seems pretty severe but no real pull to either side. Also vibrations through the floor and seat. The brakes and rotors were done about 30k miles ago at a toyota dealership, any chance...
  8. franken60

    New death wobble all of a sudden

    Hey guys, I've owned this truck for 2 years (1981 bj60 SOA) and never once had a death wobble, at any speed, any terrain. the steering box has been a bit sloppy the whole time I've owned it but its never caused me grief. I installed a high steer kit from 4x4 labs with the GM 1ton ends a few...
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