window regulator

  1. NeverGiveUpYota

    Window Runners; What’s the trick?

    Good thing my hair is short or I’d have pulled it all out by now. Trying to reinstall the rubber channel into the metal runner (yes making up my own terms) for the regulator in my passenger window. All are lined up... Then for the life of me I can’t get it to hold past 1/3 being rolled down...
  2. A

    Wanted  '88 FJ62 Parts (Window motor, front driver side seat)

    Looking for the following parts for my FJ62: - Driverside window regulator and motor - preferably just the motor. - Front Driverside seat in good condition - no rips or tears. - Back seat seatbelt. All shipped to 93401
  3. B

    Window Regulator

    Got the usual problem - worn out drivers side window crank. Anybody out there know how to fix one of these (older style 1970) or know where I can buy a new one (or good used if such a thing exists). Thanks.
  4. DTFJ45

    Wanted  Drivers side window regulator

    I am looking for good working front drivers side window regulator. Mine is bent and un repairable.
  5. B

    early door window regulator help

    Was hoping to find any advice from the pros in here on how to replace window regulator on early FJ40. I have the wing vent windows on this door. The access to the innards of this door look like a PITA! If anyone has any photos or has a simple 'do it yourself' guide to do this, I'd welcome any...
  6. tahoe40/45

    Wanted  63 to 74 drivers side window regulator

    Looking for a good drivers side window regulator for a 63 to 74 FJ40. thanks
  7. 1978FJ4O

    Wanted  Drivers Side Window Regulator for 60 series

    For manual windows, my half moon is missing teeth.
  8. 77HesterSue

    For Sale  75+ window regulator 40 (IA)

    SOLD! For sale a set of used OEM window regulators and one crank handle. TEQ marked on both right and left hand. Surface rust. $50 shipped.
  9. Mandito22

    Wanted  Manual window regulators FJ/FZJ80

    In look of set of manual window regulators for FJ/FZJ80 , also if crank handles available will complete my purchase AR
  10. M

    For Sale  Window regulator Land Cruiser

    Window regulator with power -$60 and without-$20 We have more parts, please send messages if interested.
  11. M


    We have many LAND CRUISER parts: - Instrument panel reinforcement 5533060060 $150 - Step Assy 52351-60021 $150 - Floor mat support plate 58574-60010 -$30 - Remote control left, right 69732AC010 69731AC010 -$10 set - Motor Assy, Power SE 85820-30400; 85820-30230; 85820-32020 - $30...
  12. IrishCRZR

    Wanted  FJ60 Window Regulator front driver's side

    Hi - seeking a good condition Window Regulator for front driver's side of 1985 FJ60 - shipped to 60091 (Chicago suburbs) NO Longer seeking - unable to delete the whole post - thanks for the private responses.
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