1. A

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 in Virginia

    1971 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. A previous owner had started a restoration and replaced the engine with a Ford 302 V8 and mounted the body on to a 72 Bronco chassis. Frame is clean and the tub and body panels are all solid no rot or rust holes nor patches. It has a 3 speed on the column shift...
  2. Stumpalama

    Fall Crawl MMXX - Hosted by the Capital Land Cruiser Club

    Fall Crawl 2020 at The Cove Campground in Gore, VA is happening! Registration is limited to 85 drivers/ trail vehicles. Visit the official information thread HERE
  3. M

    SOLD  Northern Virginia 1984 FJ60 plus a rust free frame

    Price Reduced. $7999.00 I've got an '84 FJ60 for sale in northern Virginia. Same story, some rust issues. I was looking to swap the frame out. Rust free donor frame sitting in the back yard shipped from Texas. 2" OME lift and ARB front bumper. Desmogged by previous owner. You can have it all...
  4. E

    Wanted  FZJ80 in Virginia

    Looking for an FZJ 80 preferably a 95’-97’ but open to anything. Live in the Roanoke area but willing to drive to look at one close. I don’t have a lot of money 4k-7k. Want something in good mechanical condition without rust. Preferably would like to do mods myself. Thanks, Eli
  5. E

    Wanted  FZJ80 Landcruiser Virginia

    I’m looking for a 94’-97’ LC. I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Around 7k would probably be my top :/ I want something that’s in pretty good condition, most importantly rust-free with no engine problems. Not really interested in something fully modded out because I want to make it exactly...
  6. P

    Wanted  FJ80 0r FZJ80 - VA/DC/MD Area

    Looking to get into an FJ80 or FZJ80, that passes safety and emissions inspection in the area, has had all PM done, ha no significant rust, and it is ready to drive. I don't care about the fancy wheels, gadgets, or looks. I can take care of those later down the road. Just want a 4000 mile/year...
  7. btbowie

    For Sale  1998 UZJ100 - 151K - Locker -Baselined + Extras - Virginia

    Hi Everyone, The time has come to sell my ’98 Land Cruiser. It’s in great shape and has been baselined quite heavily as well as some new parts and a few mods. Sitting now with 151K on the clock. The easiest thing to do was build a quick website for it rather than try and do a giant forum post...
  8. Scoin

    Virginia mudders

    Anyone near this one that could take a look at it for me? 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD w/ Navigation Land Cruiser Ashland VA 17856368 Looks ok in the pics, I'm a few hours north and would really appreciate it. Car fax lists it delivered new to a dealer in Louisiana 6/2005 just prior to...
  9. K

    For Sale  1994 FZJ-80 land cruiser used coil and fuel pump resister, virginia

    1994 FZJ-80, used coil and will include a fuel pump resister I had both as spares. $50 shipped in conus.
  10. K

    SOLD  Sold locally

    I purchased from performance brakes for the front of my 1994 FZJ 80. I never got a chance to install them. Two premium black dimpled and slotted front rotors with premium metallic pads. Cost alittle over $200 brand new. Selling for $150 plus shipping. They are heavy so I prefer local pickup in...
  11. btbowie

    For Sale  2005 LX470 in Virginia Beach (No affiliation)

    Came across this while looking at pickups locally if anyone's interested. I'm not familiar with '05s are going for right now, haven't looked around since I bought my '98 2005 Lexus LX 470 Base Trim SILVER
  12. Whitfimb

    For Sale  1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj80 (VA)

    SOLD ~ 1992 Toyota FJ80 Land Cruiser (282k miles) $3500 Located in Colonial Heights, VA. 23834. 30 min SOUTH of Richmond on I-95 / 1-hr North of the NC - VA state line. Cloth interior with 3 row seating (usual minor split in drivers seat buy drivers left hip bolster). Good mechanical...
  13. Str8Razor

    Competant Cruiser Shop in Virginia Beach Area

    My LX450 is using oil at a rate of greater than 1quart/100 miles..... I am in need of major engine overhaul and don't have the time or resources available to complete.....Looking for reccomendations for a competant cruiser shop in the Virginia Beach area within 100 miles to do the work, have...
  14. V

    Parting Out  1985 FJ60 in Hampton Roads, Virginia

    Purchased an 1985 FJ60 from Arizona and a 1984 HJ60 from Montana to make a rust free diesel five speed Toyota. Drive train swap is complete and I'm beginning the body work and interior. I've already sold the 2F drive train, but everything else from the FJ is available since I decided to stick...
  15. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  16. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  17. S

    For Sale  2001 Toyota Land Cruiser- Parts/Project Car: Virginia, USA

    Up for sale is my 2001 uzj100 with 273,800 miles. Recent service discovered a detached sway bar, with nothing more than a hole in the frame where the bracket used to mount. Further inspection found a lot of rot on the frame and suspension components. The dealer deemed the vehicle unsafe to...
  18. Nate89

    For Sale  76 2F Engine - Norfolk, VA

    Hey guys, I'm starting my diesel swap and don't need the 2F anymore. Not really sure what it's worth, but I have a rough idea. Anyway, here is a link with pictures and a little more info. Carb was recently rebuilt, new cap, rotor, plug wires, etc. Landcruiser 2F engine Asking 500 obo
  19. wrc3

    Looking for a body shop/rust repair in Northern Virginia

    Cruiser is running great. Many thanks to the forum for that. Now I am looking to stop and repair the typical rust that comes with these things. This is work I neither have the tools or the skill set for though. Hoping someone out there has a guy in Northern VA that they can recommend. Thanks.
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