vacuum advance

  1. grokking

    Wanted  Dual Vacuum Advance for 1985 FJ60

    I have a nice re-curved dizzy from Jim C, but the primary advance vacuum port leaks, so no advance and a vacuum leak if I leave it hooked up. So of course it is just capped now. I am looking to purchase a working dual vac advance to replace that part. If anyone has a part, or a lead on a part...
  2. Dizzy

    Distributors 2F

    What is the interchangeability of distributors between different production years of 2F? I'm considering motor swaps, so will a '75 carb and distributor be a proper desmog (particularly in regards to vacuum and spark timing) for all years of 2F, beyond 40-Series Cruisers?
  3. RodrigzCrzr

    Wanted  84 FJ60 dizzy

    hey I am looking for a 84 FJ60 distributor or a NOS Vacuum Advance Module? Anyone have any leads or a distributor please PM me thanks Cheers Jorge
  4. NeverGiveUpYota

    Vacuum Advance... Rebuild.

    So after finding that the new used vac advance I just bought was in fact blown (not the sellers fault... his dad and brother didn't know to check it with a vac gauge) I started doing some research online. I found this cool youtube video of a guy rebuilding a vac adv from a 1928 Lanchester LD10...
  5. NeverGiveUpYota

    Testing Vacuum Advance on Diz

    How the fxxx do I.... so a bit ago I got myself a mity vac and tested a few valves in question on my desmoged 60. One was the vacuum advance on my diz. The outer port (secondary) held vac but the inner port (primary) did not hold. I sought a new pot and ended up getting a whole diz w/ a pot...
  6. PJ40

    Vacuum advance question

    So I recently lost the timing on my 40, but realigned it, BB lined up and she actually starts stronger than before. Problem I'm having now is when I attach the vaccum advance and hit the throttle she stumbles like a drunk bridesmaid with one heel on. Any advice?
  7. NeverGiveUpYota

    Builds  Work In Progress aka: Badass

    Female enthusiast off and on mud since '10 but first cruiser in hand was in 5/'08 thanks to a young guy I was dating who had a wealth of mechanical know how... that truck became my DD in 6/'10 after my little kermit the frog green kia rio threw a piston in her second engine (first went just...
  8. Custer

    Wanted  81-87 Dizzy

    My 85 vacuum advance on my dizzy went TU, looking for a good complete dizzy I can send to Jim C. to recurve.
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