1. PiR8

    AC idle up assembly

    My AC is cold as ice on my 85. Only when the RPM's are above ~650. I researched what is needed to idle up when the AC kicks in, and don't see one on my carb. What's the issue here? If I push the throttle a bit, 200 additional RPM's, the AC kicks in. Weird thing is that the arm that would be...
  2. COLandCrusher

    2008 Landcruiser Is Up For Sale. Advice is appreciated.

    * 2008 Landcruiser * I'm not going to go into all the reasons this decision has to be made, But one of them was that I thought I would be taking the family on 4 wheel drive trips into Ouray and the Colorado Mountains, but nobody ever wants to go, and I just don't see a need for so much vehicle...
  3. dugsgms

    FREE Free FZJ80 stuff(So Cal local pick up only)

    Cleaning out garage, no longer need parts removed from my 95. All items are free but will require local pick up, located in Cherry Valley CA(around 30 min west of Palm Springs off I-10). 1 factory front bumper with brackets, extensions and hardware(painted black, couple of small dents but...
  4. OregonB

    For Sale scam follow up

    A rig was for sale last month in the Vancouver, WA, area. Very low miles, good price. There was a recent CL post from someone who had met with the seller, turned out the seller had photoshopped the carfax plus rolled back the odometer. Apologies if this news already made the rounds.
  5. bluesquirrel

    Bluesquirrel's '98 build up

    First, let me say this will be long term. Second, I appreciate this forum and the community of LC owners who love wrenching and driving. So, in early 2017 I bought a 1998 LC, my first. I had been planning on a '94 80 series when I came across this one. 223K miles on it, and I was pleasantly...
  6. Chauncey Tanton

    Porn & a 90,000 Mile Tune Up

    Morning Mudders, I wanted to use my local Toyota Dealership here in Manhattan but after reading this and other reviews I think I'll look elsewhere. This was the very first review. "They are very unprofessional. I thought at a Toyota dealership we could expect a much higher level of service...
  7. ibrahim83

    Picking up audio signal pre amp on Navi 03+

    I currently have my system as follows, USA Spec bt45 --> Head Unit --> Factory JBL amp --> Mosconi 6to8V8 DSP --> JL MX amps in the cargo area --> infinity components & JL sub. Is there a way to bypass the JBL amp? the reason i went with the plan above was that the schematics for the car...
  8. jkl72-40

    Idle up actuator

    Ok so when I turn on my AC my truck does not idle up. So I need a replacement part, the part is discontinued for the 82 model what years will work? anyone have PN so I can replace with like a 86ish? Kyle
  9. fooldall1

    Write up for Replacing the Steering Column uJoints?

    Hey All: Searched the forum and didn't come up with much regarding this topic. I have some bad clunk and a lot of play/binding in my steering column. I've been chasing this steering issue for a while, but I think I finally have it nailed down to the Steering column uJoint (Upper) and...
  10. nickinportland

    Lag in Ignition and starting up

    Starting to see an intermittent problem in the way my truck has been starting for the past couple of weeks. The basic issue is that I turn the key over and the engine doesn't attempt to turn over until after a couple of seconds. This happens when the truck is hot or cold and it doesn't seem that...

    Phantom activity when Trailer lights are hooked up

    I have an 2003 LX470, which has the factory 7-pin trailer light adapter. I extended these lines when I installed the frame mounted hitch. I also installed a P3 brake controller into the factory harness. When I hook up my trailer, everything works perfectly, (lights, brakes, etc). However...
  12. woytovich

    Need FJ60 Fuel Pick up assembly

    So my brake issue is solved (thanks to the folks in that other thread) and as I was putting the rear tires back on I smelled a strong gas smell... sure enough, the fuel pick up hard lines at the top of the tank are all rotted out. (I dropped the tank already to verify) Anyone have one they can...
  13. Doc

    GM hydroboost set up on new truck...

    So I bought a beater. It's actually a pretty sweet tow rig, but it's been through a few changes in it's lifespan. It started life as a 95 K2500 work truck, as it aged the PO swapped the motor out of it (454 TBI) for a newer motor and tranny out of a 3/4 ton Suburban. So, it still has a 454 TBI...
  14. volinky

    Picked up my first Land Cruiser a couple weeks ago

    After about a month of searching (locally, Craigslist, Cars.com, AutoTrader, and eBay), I found a 2004 Lx470 with about 172,000 on the odometer for $9k. Overall, seems to be in good condition. Got routine maintenance and A/C serviced this week (blows nice and cold now). A little rust under the...
  15. masonbarnard

    For Sale Gutter trim, Fj60. Local pick up only.

    I have gutter trim in relatively good condition. one or two pieces are missing, that's why i took it off. Maybe you can complete the set. i don't know what pieces are missing, i think its the passenger side pillar. Sold my car and forgot to include. free. local pick up only.
  16. workingdog

    What's up with my hydraulic clutch fluid

    My nearly brand new clutch isn't holding while the pedal is down. I opened the resevoir and instead of clear fluid there's this stuff. What's happened? Has water gotten in the resevoir? Has something else happened?
  17. erse

    Can anyone help pick up a transmission and get it to fastenal?

    Buddy of mine is trying to get an AOD transmission for his bronco from elgin. The seller is not interested in taking it the 10 or so miles to the local fastenal for shipping. I am wondering if any charitable mud member would be willing to make the run for gas and beer money? He is still...
  18. TreeTrucker

    My Stihl 011AVT clutch is locked up

    Got it covered
  19. cruiserpilot

    Hung up the RTT today

    This is over 8' up. I used a nylon rope from my well, so it has no elasticity. The pulleys are marine nylon, kind of expensive, but they last a long time and are virtually friction free. I mounted the roof racks to the tent exactly as they mount to the truck. So I don't have to try to reattach...
  20. L

    Sold the Hundy, movin on up to the 200. Greetings gentlemen

    2014 lx570 63k on the clock just put ceramic tint on it BFG KO2's weather tech good starting point love this truck, the 100 is a legend but this will be also....smooth as butter
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