1. Kmonty66

    For Sale (CA) Used Nitro UCA's from 1998 100 series

    Hi, I have a pair of used Nitro UCA's they come with new bushings. They are in great shape. $400 OBO + the ride. I believe they will fit in a Large USPS flat rate box (20.00?).
  2. cruzerDave

    SPC UCAs Poll - what are you running?

    I've read several threads where folks talk about running +3 (D) or +4 (C) degrees caster and the merits of each. I'm installing these upper control arms this weekend and am wondering what folks are happily running, assuming 2-3" lift (50-70mm droop), diff drop, upgraded shocks and torsion...
  3. 0

    For Sale Camburg Uniball UCAs 03+ 4Runner/FJ Cruiser

    $450 Shipped!! Looking to sell my Camburg UCAs for net $475 shipped with a brand new genuine replacement Uniball. The arms are 18 months old and have been religiously greased and lubed with TriFlow lubricant. I have 100% eBay feedback and thousands $$ of camera gear sold on FredMiranda.com...

    Adjustable Rear U/L Control Arms and Adjustable Panhard Bars

    All, Rear Lower Control Arms Rear lower arms-- 325.00 pair (Johnny Joint one end and poly bushing on other) 1.75" x .250 DOM Rear upper ULTI-Arms-- 365.00 (Johnny Joint and on vehicle adjustable) 1.25" x .156" DOM Rear upper standard adjustable arms-- 240.00 Jason
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