1. JPTX

    For Sale 100 Series OEM Upper Control Arms in Houston, TX

    Stock UCAs off of my 2002 LX470 (taken off at 150k miles). I would recommend replacing the ball joints before installing them. Moving soon and need to get these out of the garage. Shipping is going to be about $30-50 depending on where they're going. Make me an offer!
  2. alta

    For Sale 200 Series Suspension Parts (Fox, Icon, Total Chaos)

    I am selling the following from my 2010 Land Cruiser. The parts were new in May '18, and have about 6500 miles on them. They are in very good condition (with an embarrassingly small number of off road miles - almost zero). I believe everything is 100% functional as is and needs no...
  3. Kmonty66

    SOLD (CA) Used Nitro UCA's from 1998 100 series

    Hi, I have a pair of used Nitro UCA's they come with new bushings. They are in great shape. $400 OBO + the ride. I believe they will fit in a Large USPS flat rate box (20.00?).
  4. cruzerDave

    SPC UCAs Poll - what are you running?

    I've read several threads where folks talk about running +3 (D) or +4 (C) degrees caster and the merits of each. I'm installing these upper control arms this weekend and am wondering what folks are happily running, assuming 2-3" lift (50-70mm droop), diff drop, upgraded shocks and torsion...
  5. 0

    For Sale Camburg Uniball UCAs 03+ 4Runner/FJ Cruiser

    $450 Shipped!! Looking to sell my Camburg UCAs for net $475 shipped with a brand new genuine replacement Uniball. The arms are 18 months old and have been religiously greased and lubed with TriFlow lubricant. I have 100% eBay feedback and thousands $$ of camera gear sold on FredMiranda.com...

    Adjustable Rear U/L Control Arms and Adjustable Panhard Bars

    All, Rear Lower Control Arms Rear lower arms-- 325.00 pair (Johnny Joint one end and poly bushing on other) 1.75" x .250 DOM Rear upper ULTI-Arms-- 365.00 (Johnny Joint and on vehicle adjustable) 1.25" x .156" DOM Rear upper standard adjustable arms-- 240.00 Jason
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