1. Jakes40

    Christmas Tree Revenge!

    I can’t upload the video so here is a link to my Facebook wall. Chris Blowers Turn on the sound. It’s priceless!
  2. Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

    Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

  3. bwalker16527

    Wife saved 40 from falling tree today

    My great wife saved the 40 from a falling tree today. We had high winds in Portland today. We live in a forest and the wind was pushing one of the trees toward the 40 while I was at work. She moved the 40 to a safe place and texted me to tell me about it. Tree fell and would have landed...
  4. 65swb45

    For Sale  Prototype 4speed column shift, CA

    Getting real with myself about what I want to do with Mark's Off Road over the next couple of decades I just don't see myself bringing this rare adapter to market. I've watched the thread on it get bumped years after year, but I just never got around to finding someone with the tooling to make a...
  5. stoshzack

    Back Up Switch Connection - 3 on tree to floor

    Hi All - Here is the last of my electrical questions (I hope). I changed my '70 FJ40 from the 3 speed on the column/tree to floor mounting. My question is on the back up light connection. I thought that I had read that there were built-in connectors in the original wiring harness to allow...
  6. fil1983

    Tree fell onto my FJ60. Worth parting it out?...

    I sunk some money into this thing thinking I would have it for decades. I started with all mechanical fixes/upgrade. All new suspension and engine rebuild along with anything else that needed work along the way. I was saving body and cosmetics for last but then this happened and besides the...
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