1. J

    Wanted Florida: 2UZ-FE TRD Supercharger

    Hey guys, got a 1998 lc and I'm looking to install a super charger. I know they're rare but just thought I'd post to see what's out there. PM me if you've got something or know someone. Thanks -James
  2. Ali M

    SOLD (SOLD) Seattle: Set of 5 TRD Wheels

    Bought these while back and never had the time to put them on my 2016 LC. Asking price $1,250. Prefer to sell them as a set. PM me if you are interested.
  3. S

    For Sale 2UZFE 4.7L complete supercharger kits - refurbished

    Posting for a friend (jamesjr4750 on TundraSolutions forum). Long story short, I bought a kit from him a few years ago for my 100-series but never installed it - found James to be a super helpful, responsive and honest person to deal with)...
  4. jasonbraswell

    The IronPig UJ-55

    As discussed, I am starting a thread so we can get this thing back out of the pig pen. Bought this truck in 2015 from Zack Penny based on word of mouth from Mike Blake. Truck was built and had some electric bugs to work out. As a matter of fact, it blew a fuse and died on my test drive at BP...
  5. Esq4x4

    SOLD Utah- Rock Warrior (RW) 6 lug TRD rim.

    Debating wether or not to purchase 4 TRD RW rims...I only need 1. Does any other member need 1 for a spare? These are hard to come buy in the 6 lug. If I have 3 serious buyers I’ll purchase them before they are gone. Current owner will not part with just 1.
  6. Docwyte

    4Runner TRD PRO Suspension installed, DIY

    So my wife and daughter were out of town for a dance competition and my son was off with a friend. Time to jump on installing the TRD Pro suspension in the Blue Whale. Handling has definitely degraded and in last weeks cold snap it felt like the shocks were frozen. Truck up in the air...
  7. Y

    Wanted Tundra TRD Pro 18 wheels and tires Augusta, GA

    Looking for a set of Tundra TRD Pro 18 inch wheels and tires. Prefer the tires to be fairly new. Let me know if you have any and what you would want shipped to 30809. Thanks,
  8. B

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited for sale

    2003 Toyota Sequoia TRD Supercharged Limited VIN #5TDBT48A83S178650 with clear NYS title and 196k miles. It has 4.7 2uzfe engine and its 4wd. I purchased this truck this summer for good price, and main reason for it was the fact that it has Dealer Installed TRD supercharger. Previous owner had...
  9. dnh1

    Installed a 4Runner TRD shifter in my ‘16 LC

    Here’s a cheap upgrade that works. I bought a TRD shifter for my the 4Runner Santa is bringing my son (which is totally bad @ss by the way - pic below). The color didn’t match the 4wd shifter on his truck. So I tried it on my LC (my stock shifter was worn from my hand and looked bad). I...
  10. RFB

    TRD Supercharger

    Im thinking about that dreaded 100K deadline on the TRD can I swap oil and carry on or should I do as @cruiserdan says and send it to PSE. I have the grey oil kit from toyota, but is that enough? Shes got no leaks etc. but I drive and wheel a lot.
  11. joevg3

    Bolt Pattern Question

    Hi Everyone - I have a 2009 LC 200 and I am looking for a new set of rims to replace my stock. Reason being there are some stock TRD 4 runner rims available (with brand new tires on them) available for a great price. My question is the bolt pattern for my 200 is 140 and the bolt pattern for...
  12. lx450landcruiser

    For Sale 2006 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with aluminum flatbed

    Vehicle is located in Seattle WA. 2006 Tacoma double cab trd off road (with electric rear locker) Truck has 120k miles and is in good working order. Truck has custom all aluminum flatbed on rear with an aux battery underneath. BlueSea automatic aux battery isolator (will automatically...
  13. smakee

    For Sale SOLD

    I have a set of four Rock Warrior wheels for sale that I was going to use two of for a trailer plan that never materialized. They are in nice shape, and lugs and center caps are included. $1000 is what I bought them for, and that’s what I’m willing to sell them for. Preference would be to sell...
  14. BLKTRD13

    For Sale 17" TRD RIMS (TEXAS)

    I have a set (4) of 17" 5 lug TRD FORGED wheels. These are OEM takeoffs. Taken off a 2013 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Edition. These wheels are in flawless condition, they were taken off the same day the truck was bought brand new. They have been in storage ever since. asking price is $1800. If...
  15. Markuson

    SOLD TRD Rock Warriors (4)

    Very nice set of 4. San Diego. $1100 I have new center caps on the way, which you can add at cost ($70) if you like. Without new caps: Here is how they look if you want new caps: Others will look like above, but here they are with existing caps. On this wheel, you can see a slight blemish...
  16. C

    Wanted Wanted...OPINIONS on price for TRD s/c for 80 series: What is it worth?

    What is a used TRD supercharger for a TLC 80 series worth on the secondary market? What is a fair price right now? I searched recent classifieds, but these things don't go up for sale very hard for me to judge. *Mods, if this is the wrong forum for this thread, please move.
  17. SIPAEZ

    For Sale 2004 TACOMA TRD SAN DIEGO

    I'm selling my Tacoma 2004 : Toyota Tacoma 4x4 V6 2004 Double Cab TRD Off-Road (PRICE REDUCED!) Aking $13.500
  18. SBFJ60FIG

    For Sale TRD Blower Kit 5.7, 3UR-FE new in box - Chicago, IL

    Hey all - I've got a brand spankin' new TRD-branded supercharger and install kit for your 5.7 Tundra, priced at $6.5k - part #s are: PTR029-00140 & PTR29-34140 This is for a Tundra, 2014 and up (not flex fuel I'm told) - if you've questions "like will it fit ______" call Magnusson and they...
  19. skhochay

    TRD SC Fan position vs stock

    Hi all - happy mother days to all mothers on this forum :)! question I sill do not have sufficient cooling in my LX450 during summer days, my brother who is a pro in AC conditioning noticed that radiator fan is not seeded correctly as you can see on the image unis TRD provided spacer, he said...
  20. LouisianaRubicon

    Wanted Rock warrior wheels Kansas City/ Dallas/ Louisiana

    Looking for a set of 5 but would take a set of 4. Will also take a set with tires (depending on the tire). I'm willing to pay for shipping but not with tires.
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