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  1. fixoldthings

    Mike Restores an FJ40 on YouTube

    A few months ago, I created a YouTube channel to document the restoration of a 1971 FJ40. In a video I just posted to the channel, you'll meet my friend Andy and the first FJ40 I restored about 15 years ago. We take them both for a short trail ride on his property in the mountains. During...
  2. Stumpalama

    Fall Crawl MMXX - Hosted by the Capital Land Cruiser Club

    Fall Crawl 2020 at The Cove Campground in Gore, VA is happening! Registration is limited to 85 drivers/ trail vehicles. Visit the official information thread HERE
  3. deadman1689

    Small Budget, Southeast USA, Camping/Trail Ride 1994 FJ80 Build

    I'm new to the Land Cruiser community so please excuse my ignorance and I welcome any help and corrections. I purchased a 1994 Land Cruiser FJ80 with 256,000 miles for USD$4,000 back in October 2018. I am loving it so far and it has been a dream of mine to own one for several years. I've driven...
  4. 80 Sack

    Trail Ride on Saturday, 4/22!!

    Hello members and friends of 406 Cruisers, The weather in southwest Montana is not cooperating for a trail ride this weekend. Flathead Pass was wet, muddy, and snow-packed not too far up. Soooooo that leaves us with one option…the St Anthony Sand Dunes! I know…surprising! This will be a full...
  5. bro

    *****Jump Off Rock / Horse Pasture Ride - 2/25 *****

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT CONFLICT WITH THE UC SPRING GATHERING/TRASH PICKUP Destination: Jump Off Rock / Horse Pasture Difficulty: Any stock LC Date: 2017-02-25 Leave out: 1100 Gather at: Spinx at corner of 288 & 276 Address: 2921 Geer Hwy, Marietta, SC 29661 There's been a fair amount of...
  6. SAS

    Gulches Trail Ride Saturday February 18th

    The Gulches trail ride is Saturday, February 18th. Meet at the Western convenience store south of Woodland Park (Crystola) between 0800 and 0830hrs. Head for the trail at 0830hrs. Last year was snowy on the approach, but not too difficult on the "Chicken Scratch Hill" obstacle. Scroll...
  7. koleaselo

    Rubicon July 6-8 anyone? Loon to Tahoe.

    Hello guys, I know Rubithon just happened and everyone is still recovering from it, but for those who didn't get a chance to go (like me), is there any one or groups from this board already going on these dates or close to these dates? I know the schedule on Pirate4X4 has a group from Utah from...
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