torsion bars

  1. C

    For Sale 1997 80 series parts

    Various parts for sale. Make a reasonable offer. Located near Sacramento, California. You pay for shipping. i prefer to sale local .
  2. NexusD

    RTH...install old man emu torsion bars

    How to install them! I counted the splines with the five spline offset. With this off set I can’t get the bolts back in on the anchor 🤦‍♂️ . If I get the bolts in I can’t get the adjusting both in. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  3. bonestock

    For Sale 2002 LX470 OEM AHC Torsion Bars - Chattanooga, TN

    Removed when AHC system was replaced with LC suspension. Perfect condition from what I can tell. Removed at 150k miles. Prefer local pickup but will ship on buyers dime. $50 + the ride.
  4. N

    For Sale 100 Series Land Cruiser Stock Torsion Bars - FL

    Came off a 100 Series with 170k. Nothing wrong with them, just upgraded suspension. Located in Ocala, FL
  5. Noah Master

    New to the LX470 life; help me with a couple quick questions please!

    Hey, I'm a pretty new owner of a 2000 LX470. I'd like to outfit this sucker to go down mild to moderate trails/dirt. My AHC system has failed and thus keeps me in Low mode at all times (drives like a pile of bricks!) and I'd like to switch to a more traditional LC100-style suspension setup to...
  6. ClassyJalopy

    SOLD FOUND! 100 series torsion bars

    Found a good deal offered by a MUDder. Thank you every one who offered! I am looking to covert my 98 LX470 to the conventional set up. I am interested in buying a pair of torsion bars off a Land cruiser. Let me know if you have a pair to offload, how many miles and how much to ship to Madison...
  7. Cruz4mud

    Wanted 100 series Torsion bars, Shocks & Springs for AHC delete

    My 2000 LX470 is about to have all the AHC removed. It's got 215,000 miles and the system worked flawlessly until the rear hose blew. I think I'd be ahead to swap it out. I'm looking for: 1. A complete set of 100 series Torsion bars, Shocks and Springs. (Lift kit or stock) I would...
  8. S

    Running stock torsion bars with 2.5 OME

    This is my first post (my apologies in advance if this is beat to death but at least im not asking what size tire) I searched (both google site search and in forum) and read the torsion bar 101 which was a great overview, as well as a few other stock / ome related posts. My question what...
  9. jwcross611

    For Sale OME Torsion Bars

    These have never been installed. They are 303002 series. $150 firm plus shipping. I do not have the original box.
  10. Connorham

    T-Bars/Spacer Lift Questions/Pics

    I have a 2002 LC with 211,XXX miles. All stock except for 285/75 BFG KO2. Been a great tire. I am needing a new suspension. I drive 95% On Road as it is my DD. I also really like the stance of a modestly lifted 100. I am looking to replace my shocks with OEM from Toyota, put a spacer in the...
  11. Danger Cruiser

    SOLD Stock Coil Springs

  12. vishmuzty

    SOLD LX470 AHC coil springs and torsion bars

    ** Update: No longer available *** Coils and torsion bars removed from my '05 LX 470 during AHC conversion. Truck has 220k miles, underbody is spotless with zero rust. The torsion bars literally slid out of the anchors. Free to a good home. Buyer pays shipping, or local pickup in Farmington or...
  13. CruiserCoLittleRock

    Torsion Bars finally arrived, so if anyone wants to piggy back some ARB stuff.

    Let me know. I got Mark and Josh's torsion bars ready to ship out with a roof rack and a suspension system so if you want something from ARB let me know in this thread by tomorrow or miss out on saving big bucks on shipping and my discount
  14. sdwtchlvr

    Wanted LC Torsion Bars (SoCal)

    Looking for a set of LC torsion bars or comparable aftermarket set that will fit my 01 LX. Prefer SoCal for local pick up but willing to pay for shipping if price is right. Thanks
  15. DirtDawg

    Wanted 100 Series Torsion Bars

    Looking for a cheap set of used torsion bars. LMK what you have.
  16. D

    Wanted OEM Torsion Bars (100 Series) - Located in CO

    If you have any laying around from your OME upgrade, please let me know! Thanks, David
  17. F

    For Sale Misc AHC parts

    I swapped out the AHC suspension on my LX for an OME setup. I have the coils, torsion bars and AHC reservoir. $200 obo - make an offer for local pick up in the Richmond VA area. Thanks
  18. P

    Wanted 100 Series Front Torsion Bars

    Looking for torsion bars from a 100 series Land Cruiser. Please PM me if you have a set. Located in 20653. Thanks.
  19. S

    Anyone have leftover torsion bars and/or springs?

    I have an LX with AHC, and I'm looking to convert to the standard LC suspension. I'm looking for any/all of the following, but particularly looking for LC torsion bars and/or springs. torsion bar (right): 4816160030 torsion bar (left): 4816260030 rear right spring: 482316A660 rear left...
  20. cc93cruiser

    advice/input on aftermarket Torsion bars w/stock suspension components

    Ok, I searched........Still not sure what route I wanna go... I really don't care for a lift on my 1999 100 series. But I am starting to think that after some weight added to the front, I need stiffer springs and don't want to mess with cranking the oem bars.. I have a arb front bumper and I...
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