1. mrjordann

    Wanted  9/72 to 9/73 T-Case shift boot

    Hi, looking for a transfer case shift boot from 9/72 to 9/73. They only made it for 12 months and they're hard to find. New or used. Thanks
  2. Paul G

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: Front Range T-CASE CROSSMEMBER kit

    $150 takes it, new unused. Please PM me if your interested.
  3. DanMedeiros

    Viscous Coupler confusion

    With @Shoredreamer leading the charge we are working on regearing a used Tase rebuilt with under-drive gears and new lower low-range gears. We were working on buttoning up the case tonight and realized that the VC of the donor case was fried. With the center diff unlocked the front and rear...
  4. I

    For Sale  Transmission to Transfer case bypass hose

    I have a brand new Tranny to tcase bypass hose for sale. It measures 15 inches in length. Make me an offer if you’re interested. Thanks.
  5. musemech

    For Sale  2/75 Four Speed Transfer Case 16 Spline/29T SoCal

    Selling a 2/75 4 speed t-case from an FJ40. Rebuilt and shelved as a spare, never installed. Has 16 Pline / 29 tooth input gear. Includes steel case saver, full gasket set, and seals. Asking $600 + Shipping. Moving and this isn't going with, make an offer. 22"x22"x15" 77lbs. FEDEX Ground approx...
  6. J

    FJ40 Transfer Shift Lever

    I had the trans and t-case rebuilt on my 5/1977 FJ40. Upon reassemble I am finding that the transfer case shift lever does not clear the shift guide bracket when attempting to put it in neutral and L4. I can disconnect the shaft from the linkage and manually move the t-case through all...
  7. dudenhoeffer

    Wanted  FJ62 Transfer Case

    It's that time. 245,000 miles and my TCase is growling mightily when she's in 4x4 (just started this season) but quiet otherwise... Anyone have a good used FJ62 Vacuum switched TCase? Don't think I'm going to bite the bullet and try to rebuild myself. Lemmekno!
  8. cliffoto

    Wanted  A440f with Tcase

    I'm located in Northern California. My 89 fj62 needs a new tranny. A swap with the Tcase intact seems to be the easiest way. Thanks Cliff
  9. MAO

    Wanted  2F dented side cover, drive shafts, 4speed tranny and tcase

    self explanatory tittle. let me know what you have. shipped to 92154
  10. 4

    For Sale  1975 Trans and tcase 4 speed

    I have for sale a 1975 4 speed trans and t case nice condition $400SOLD ebrake assembly with cable $100
  11. maxamillion2345

    Free FJ80 trans tcase and other crap in Cool

    Saw on FB, just figured I'd share, hate to see good parts junked. Stoffregen Motorsports Spring Cleaning at Stoffregen Motorsports! Come and get it before it goes into the bin. I've got a couple things that I would hate to throw away, but if it's all still here by Wednesday, I'm calling the...
  12. powthief19

    Tcase rebuild wuestions

    Hello Mud, I'm rebuilding a 77 Fj40 tcase and I've got a few questions that I'm hoping y'all can help me with. #1. The large piece of felt that came with the rebuild kit doesn't seem to fit as it's too big to fit comfortably in the shift housing above the o ring. Is this common? Do I need...
  13. Charliehfzj58

    Help with tcase rebuild kit??

    i just pulled my motor, tranny and tcase out of my 95 fzj80 to rebuild the motor after it blew. I want to rebuild the tcase because it was not well cared for by the first owner and I am guessing the fluid has never been changed. My question is what rebuild kit do I need, I have looked a marlin...
  14. FJ60Seth

    For Sale  1983 FJ60 TCase Shift Boots

    I went with a twin stick so these are available. Includes: inner & out boot, metal ring, shift knob. The outer boot looks very good, the inner boot fair. $35 shipped USPS flat rate to any US ZIP code.
  15. bubfuji

    For Sale  Marks4WD splitcase gear set 1.00/2.81

    I have the Marks4WD split case/tcase gear set. New in the box, never installed. Asking $800.00 OBO + any shipping charges. Local pickup may be available depending on where you live. This gear set is for the 38mm idler shaft. From the Marks4WD website: Toyota LandCruiser Low Range Gear Sets -...
  16. Prestonagray

    For Sale  More 1987 parts-utah

    truck had 175k. All parts are assumed to be original. Power steering pump with res- $50 Misc smog lines and some valves still available- let me know what you need and we will work it out. Intake cover- $20 Intake and exhaust manifolds- $60 each Oil cooler- $50 2f short block - $100 4 speed...
  17. Y

    76 T case problems

    Hey just started a fix up (can't afford a full restore) on a 76 FJ40. Bought it because mechanically it is good and the price was right. Body needs work but it can be recovered. However toying around with it the last couple days trying to find gremlins I have found a mechanical snag. The...
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