1. FloTheFJ60

    Help a noob? :) Hood won't latch - missing hood support bracket?

    Hi, slightly nervous to post but thrilled to finally have an FJ60 after wanting one for 25 years... :) We bought the wagon last weekend and although she runs, I have a few things stopping me from getting it inspected so I can get it on the road. Doubtful I should barrage you with them all now...
  2. BisonCruiser

    OPERATION BUILD UP/Vehicles for Veterans Non-Profit

    Hi all, my name is Tyler Linn. I am 23 from South Carolina and soon to be a soldier in the US Army. I just wanted to share this non-profit a service member informed me of. Worthy of support. I'm not yet a TLC owner, but am searching for the right vehicle for a project. Land Cruisers are my dream...
  3. Rolocado

    Differential Support

    Has anyone replaced either differential support? Does it help driving quality or handling? By bushings are cracking and if I put a wrench to move them there is a ton of play. Thoughts? I'm also chasing a steering clunk and this is the last thing I can possibly think of.
  4. 73tlcv8

    For Sale  FJ40 Radiator and U support in NC SOLD

    I have this FJ40 radiator and U support that was removed from my 73 when the 3fe went in. I ran this radiator for about 4 or 5 years. I believe it was new when the PO installed it shortly before I bought it. 100 + shipping.
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