1. nothinbutnoodle

    Moonroof not opening

    Hi all - just brought home an ‘05 LC. Seller told me the moonroof motor was bad. He had unplugged it to prevent anyone from trying to open it accidentally. Of course, the first thing I did in my garage was plug it in and see what was what. Sure enough, the glass doesn’t budge (but it’s trying...
  2. NCTroutHunter

    Sunroof sealed with silicone - help

    I’m looking at this LC for sale on eBay. 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay It’s a one owner Florida owned vehicle. Good records. However, the sunroof has been sealed with silicone. And from the looks on the pictures it was done a while back because it’s cracking. It doesn’t leak and the motor...
  3. burnsAlpine

    Help Needed: Sunroof Parts

    I read through all the FJ80 sunroof threads I could get my hands on and finally decided to tackle my broken sunroof. I have it completely removed the headliner and sunroof from the vehicle and found the culprit. Clogged drip tubes caused water to pool up around the cables which are now...
  4. ThePatient1

    For Sale  OEM 80 Series Sunroof Deflector/Visor

    No longer needed as truck has been sold. Been thoroughly cleaned (Inside of seal and all dirt/grime built up). Couldn't quite figure out a price for one of these can't seem to find much of them for sale on here or elsewhere. Asking $75 for it. Or make an offer. Some scratches in it. Used...
  5. AlexMoore91

    Wanted  WANTED 95 FZJ80 SUNROOF

    Need full sunroof assembly rails and glass. Don't need motor or switches, mine just got shattered and rails bent by a tree limb falling. Need price shipped to 29445 or can pickup within a couple hours outside Charleston, SC. Please send prices. Thanks! PICTURED ATTACHED TO SHOW MY DAMAGED...
  6. R

    Sunroof Leak 1994 Land Cruiser

    Hey, I've been looking for a fix for my sunroof leak but, haven't been able to find one. I have 1994 Land Cruiser Currently the roof leaks, Very Badly, a quick fix would be to clear the drains and apply some sealant in some areas. But i cannot open the sunroof at all. Anything is helpful. Also...
  7. Riversurfer

    For Sale  ID UZJ100

    SOLD I'm upgrading and need to move my 1999 LC100. I've only owned it for 6 months so I only know the following: PO 'Replaced the motor at Toyota New motor has approx 80,000' PO Installed new treads 285's Patagonia M/T PO Worked as a Toyota mechanic I have changed the oil and cleaned it up...
  8. taylorhayis

    I removed my FJ62 sunroof

    So anyone on Victoria, Australia knows that this weekend rained - alot. And my poor cruiser got pretty soaked inside due to my leaky sunroof. (the Australian 62 series "Sahara" has a factory sunroof, I think the 61 does too?) It was rusty as, and needed alot of manual help to get it to close or...
  9. victor milianti

    HELP! They want to total my truck

    I have a Lexus LX450 with 200k miles. Its in pretty nice shape, considering... and a tank. OK someone tried to steal it and busted the sunroof track. I called my ins, and took it to Van Collision. They estimated over 4k to repair it and the ins co decides that its enough to total the truck. They...
  10. dfrfsucks

    FREE  sunroof glass in Denver

    I just bought a new set of sunroof tracks and it came with the glass so I will have the glass available soon so if the hail got your glass here's a free replacement
  11. Passenger56

    Water in Rocker Panels & Passenger Floor from Sunroof?

    Hey Everyone, I have recently noticed a significant amount of water accumulating in the frame of my 2005 LC. At first I wasn't sure where but my mechanic said the water (literally gallons) was in the rocker panels and he was able to drain it by pulling a plastic plug on the passenger side. I...
  12. N

    Roof leaking, I feel like there's something missing here. On both sides.
  13. F

    LX Sunroof Stuck

    I'm pretty sure my new to me LX sat for a bit before I bought it. When I press the sunroof retract button I hear a mechanical clunk but nothing moves (in both directions). My mechanic friend thinks the rubber gaskets may have gotten stuck (mildly bonded) to the surround from sitting to long or...
  14. MoJ

    Sunroof FSM level spec

    As below, the FSM specifies a tolerance for the difference in level between the roof panel and sunroof seal. It does not specify whether the sunroof seal should sit above or below the roof panel, but rather just the absolute difference between the two surfaces. For those with a sun roof that's...
  15. Gunky

    No Power to Sunroof and Dome Lights

    I'm having some trouble figuring out the cause of this. Only the sunroof and dome lights are not working. Radio, cigarette lighter, power windows, etc. are all working fine. I've checked and replaced the dome fuse in the engine bay and the cig fuse under the steering wheel. I may check all other...
  16. mario65

    98-2002 sunroof vs 2003-2007

    I know the parts look up shows a completely different set of part numbers and sunroof assembly for the two sets of years. Does anyone know definitely if they are interchangeable as a complete assembly ? I have a stuck 2003 and I have a 2000 assembly at my disposal. Id love to get a 2003-2007...
  17. C

    For Sale  Vancouver, Canada: Lexus branded sunroof deflector with hardware

    For sale. 80 series LX450. Lexus branded sunroof deflector with hardware. Good condition. No drilling involved. 20 dollars Will not ship (yet). I'm in the East Van area near 1st Ave and Renfrew.
  18. thebus

    Wanted  1993 fzj80 sunroof glass and seal

    Looking to buy glass and seal please let me know asap...I broke mine by having my butt touch it... located in NJ will pay for shipping
  19. B

    Does sunroof have its own fuse?

    Okay, I couldn't find the answer using the search. My windows are working fine but the sunroof does not. Pressed the buttons but I don't even hear any clicks from the motor.
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  FJ80 Sunroof Moldings cocoa brown color

    SoCal 3 pieces available, good on both sides, not brittle, no cracking or issues. I am sorry to not have all 4 pieces, but as you all know, they break easy once they get brittle. Paypal OK. All 3 pieces including shipping $100.00, Each piece $35. shipping is $12.75 for 1 - 3 pieces...
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