1. AwgustLab

    Steering Pulling to the Right

    2013 GX 460 - Just bought 2 weeks ago from a dealer in AZ (transported to NM) who insisted it was not that way when it left the lot. The deal is reimbursing me for an alignment, which I got but it is still pulling and veering to the right. Rotated tires, still the same. Alignment place said the...
  2. Q

    Suspension Question

    I recently acquired a 2008 4Runner V8, SR5 4x4. The front suspension is stock Toyota struts - possibly the original ones, but I can't be sure. In any event, I think the shocks are done, or close to it. Springs too. The front end sits pretty low - lower than the factory rake would be, yet the...
  3. A

    Longer tail gate struts??

    Hi there, New here this is my first ever post. Are there any struts out there that are longer then the factory 80 series struts. The tailgate just doesn’t exactly go high enough and I constantly hit my head whenever I’m under the tailgate Cheers, Ash
  4. N

    For Sale  ORI STX struts

    Selling a full set of ORI STX struts. 2-14" and 2-16". The 14" struts have been used for a season on my 2002 Tacoma but are in perfect working condition. No shaft scratches or dings. Very minor scratches on the bodies. The 16" struts are brand new. They were simply used to mock up a suspension...
  5. mrjordann

    Replacement Rear Liftgate Struts?

    Hi. I am thinking about replacing the old screw-tight arms that currently hold up the Liftgate on my 73 fj40. Any recommendions for automatic struts that would fit? I found some on eBay but I'm not really interested in spending $190. Thanks!
  6. Spike Strip

    City Racer's Noggin' Savin' Hatch Struts

    I was perusing Racer65's Land Cruiser porn website and came across these replacement struts he was offering for the rear hatch. I hadn't seen them before, on MUD, and not sure he's done much promotion on this item. LINKYPOO But for anyone who has taken a couple of...
  7. 562uned

    Struts? really confused.

    Hey everyone, been a while since ive posted (so long that i had to create a new user account because i couldnt figure out the old one) last time around i had an fj60. i recently sold my 99 4runner and bought a 99 100 series LC. Love the truck so far. ANYWAY I've been researching struts for the...
  8. 04gto

    For Sale  100 series rear hatch lift supports by StrongArm BNIB

    Hello all. I have for sale a pair of lift supports made in the USA by StrongArm. Brand new in the box still wrapped and unopened in original plastic sleeves. Fits the rear hatch on all 1998-2007 LC100/LX470. List price is $49 pair. I paid $39 including shipping. I am selling them for $30...
  9. Markuson

    Leveling Issue... Advice?

    Not sure what's up... Truck not level. Right rear lower than left rear... LEFT front lower than RIGHT front! So I've opened KDSS three turns on level ground... -bounced around on sliders to shift side-to-side... When it seems I might have it sitting more level, I tightened valves again. -Did...
  10. 87CruiserCid

    Please Help!

    Hey y'all, I have looked around this site a few times while trying to find some answers and finally choose to make an account and ask myself. First, What is the desired idle on a 87 FJ60? (I ask because when I adjust the idle speed to low (below 700RPM) after driving and stepping on brakes...
  11. IDBJ

    Extended shackles need new struts, which height are people using?

    I just picked up 6" rear shackles and 5.5" front shackles for my 1971 Fj40. Judging by what I've read in other posts people have used the same shackles with 2-4" extended struts. I'm going to order the 5100 Bilstein's but need advice whether to order the 0-2" or the 4" struts..... Once these are...
  12. jet200

    Stock Shock Replacements?

    I recently picked up a '97 FZJ80 that's pretty much bone stock. The PO installed Gabriel Ultra truck shocks and struts. Meh. I'd like to replace them with something more capable as well as a set of 285 BFG AT's. The truck is now my DD. I commute a few hundred miles a week with it, a lot of...
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