1. Cougar Cruising

    Moab in a stock 79?

    So my buddy really wants to take my 40 wheeling in Moab in April. We've talked about this trip for a long time, but that was before he sold his constantly breaking CJ7 (that thing was such a POS). So my 79 is bone stock except for an OME 2.5" lift and 33x10.5 BFG Mud Terrains I put on last...
  2. Lowrecoil30

    Wanted Stock Rear FJ60/62 Springs

    Looking for a set of stock rear springs from an FJ60 or FJ62. Located in the Sacramento, CA area. Thanks
  3. Lowrecoil30

    Wanted Stock Rear Fj60/62 Springs

    Looking for a set of stock rear springs from an Fj60 or Fj62. Located in the Sacramento, CA area. Thanks
  4. blossett

    Wanted Stock FJ40 rear leaf springs

    looking for a set of rear leaf springs for a 76 fj40. I have a broken leaf in one.
  5. B

    For Sale Stock FZFE wheels 2 sets

    one off a 93 tires are shot one set off a 94 with 3/4 tread Goodyear Duratracs if interested let me know I will have to get some photos when weather is better 350.00 for 93 500.00 for 94 plus shipping
  6. F

    Stock clutch master or...? (4bd1 swap, FJ40)

    I have an FJ40 with a 1980 4bd1 engine. I'm not getting enough action out of the slave cylinder. The slave cylinder is from the NPR truck the engine came out of. The master is not the original, but is the Toyota master for my year Landcruiser (1969). I bought this vehicle with the swap already...
  7. B

    Suspension replacement without lift

    Anyone have brand/vendor recommendations for rebuilding the tired suspension on an 87 with as little lift as possible?
  8. 77TLCFJ40

    TIRES - On Stock 16" Wheels - M416, M100, M101-CDN

    What size, brand, and model tires are you running on your 1/4 Ton trailers on stock 16" wheels? Any issues? Rubbing when heavily loaded? Bias with tubes, radials, radials with tubes? Please post pics with your info! Here is some size info I have compiled: OEM M416 Wheels are 16 X 6.5 with 5...
  9. SeaWheezl

    Wanted 80 series stock wheel - WA/ID/OR

    Looking for one 80 series stock aluminum wheel for a matching spare. Anybody Got one?
  10. ColoradoFJ40

    Exterior carburetor leak. 77 stock carb

    Hey Guys. Aside from my fuel lines running into and out of the carb do you have any ideas as to what would cause these drips on the front of the carb facing the radiator? I had this rebuilt a few years ago and it runs really really well. But I didn't do the rebuild and carbs are new to me...
  11. doug720

    New Stock Seat Back Foam?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but didn't SOR sell new seat bottoms and seat back foams? I looked for new foam backs today and they only have the bottoms listed. I swapped out the bottoms several years ago, and thought about doing the drivers back, but they are not listed. I'm going to call SOR and ask on...
  12. M

    Removing stock bumper

    Does anyone have a link to a good pictorial, video or even exploded drawing for removal of the front bumper in preparation for mounting a winch bumper.
  13. fj55-100

    Making stock wheels wider fj55

    This started as a what wheel do i want , I have old school indy slot mags on it now (cause Im old). and had a set of western mag wheels on before that . and have run the walker evans beadlocks off my trail rig (86 $runner 3.4 supercharged , caged ,bla bla bla ect) . but cant seem to find a wheel...
  14. landtank

    Looking for a stock 80

    Looking for a stock 80 to take some measurements on. I'll need it for a couple of hours and can offer grub and beer. I can also look over the truck for potential problems but that can get depressing. My garage is heated and located in Groveland MA
  15. 65swb45

    For Sale 24 FJ40 stock spring bushings, (CA)

    Rubber, for the resto crowd. $40 plus the ride from Burbank. Minimum order requirements apply. No PMs please.
  16. G

    For Sale 85 FJ60 - Almost Completely Stock - 191k Miles - $11k

    I’m selling my toy…reluctantly. If you are looking for a stock FJ60 this is your truck. If you are looking for a zombie apocalypse wagon or bug out vehicle this is exactly what you are looking for. Here are the reasons I love this truck. Carb and Stick. This has the original inline 6 cylinder...
  17. millerxcrunning

    37" tires fit stock fzj80

    Hello everyone, I have a 1994 cruiser with 315/75/16 BFG ko/2 tires on a stock setup as we speak. I am trading someone for 37/12.50/17 general grabber tires. My question is, does anyone have personal experience fitting a 37" tire in the wheel wells? I know turning will be impossible, and I will...
  18. mehbohdi

    For Sale 1995 FZJ80 stock springs,shocks

    (TJM SOLD) (Frt springs SOLD) Installed new lift these came off, 4 Tokicos in good shape (all rubber in good shape, previous owner installed these shocks not sure how old they are), springs (Crusier had 3rd row seats),rear springs $40, shocks $75 plus shipping. Will accept Paypal will ship USPS
  19. bloc

    Video request - 315s, stock gears, stock engine

    Hello all, I'm working on my vortec swap and had planned on taking a video of the stock tach for a 0-60 or 80 run.. then another after the swap to show the difference in split screen. But.. I forgot to get the video from stock config, and now the engine is out and sitting on the ground. So...
  20. theside00

    Wanted 1978-1980 40 series stock radio

    Looking for a good condition 40 series stock radio. Truck is a 1980 but anything from 1978-1980 will work. Might be able to work with the radio not working as long as it looks good and clean. PM me if you have something or give me a call at the shop 206-659-8 six seven seven.
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