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  1. D

    Tire Fitment Question - Please don’t Shoot Me! LOL

    Hello! I have spent hours reading threads about this issue and I have yet to see an answer to the very specific question I have about tire size. I have a 2003 100 Series with stock suspension and stock 18 inch wheels. All I have added to the wheel/tire arrangement is a set of Spidertrax 1.25...
  2. Silencedj

    Hidraulic suspension question

    Hi guys, I have some problem and Maybe you can help me. I have stock suspension (hidraulic) and when I raise it up, remain there if I run under some speed (20km/h ) I guess.... But....When I'm in off-road and the suspension is up....and I need pedal to the metal to go out from some...
  3. Trollhole

    For Sale  200 series stock suspension

    These are VDJ200 suspensions. Now I'm not sure what the weight difference is in springs hence the price. But what you get is 2 front coils and shocks and 2 rear shocks and coils. All with 1 mile on them. 500$ for the whole thing including the rubber mounts. Pm me your shipping info and I'll...
  4. B

    Effects of large tires on front end components in daily driving

    Hi everyone! It's been almost 1 year since I've been away, working a lot, but boy do I miss being back. I am getting ready now to get some larger timer on my LX470. I am aiming for 285/75R18. This way I get the 35 inch high tire, without the added weight of a wide 315. I do very mild off...
  5. 97fzj80az

    For Sale  80 Stock springs

    4 stock springs off my 1997 LandCruiser (2 front & 2 rear). They are boxed and ready to ship, $100 plus the ride for the full set.
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