1. Idgie79

    '79 windshield wiper spray function

    Newbie here. Dont have owners manual. So heres a real dumb question. How do i operate the spray function for the wipers. PO said yhe sprayer didnt work. But i forgot to ask him how to even operate the damn thing .planning on rebuilding that system either by aftermarket or cross referencing the...
  2. LandCruiserPhil

    Tan interior color match - Spray can

    Looking for a spray can color match for tan interiors, what do you use? For the gray interior I have found a very nice match to share. Match is closer than the picture show.
  3. B

    truth about spray on clear coat products ?

    So my 93 80 series hood suffers from the notorious clear coat flake issue as so many do. I started a post elsewhere about my options and got a got an array of options and opinions. Unfortunately the obvious doing a re-paint even a cheap one is just not economically feasible so I'm looking at...
  4. lethal1

    Rear Window Spray Nozzle

    Does anyone know how to remove the rear spray nozzle for the back window? Mine has been working intermittenly and the paperclip cleanings don't seem to help. The pump is working great and no busted hose that I can tell. Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. LINUS

    Favorite spray can/brush paints & your prep practices?

    Thought I'd start a thread about favorite paints you use -either rust converters or for clean metal- kind of like a "pet handloads" of ammo, just for paint. I have no experience with John Deere paints, so would like to hear on those myself. My favorites: ==Clean metal - Rustolium Industrial...
  6. FJlynch

    Anyone have success with chrome paint?

    Did a search but couldn't find anything on it here. I sanded and then sprayed my front grill with a matte black paint because the chrome was chipping. I don't like the blacked out look as much as I thought I would and I'm wondering if anyone has used a chrome paint with decent results. I want...
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