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  1. Eurasiaoverland

    No 5th gear oiler cup present in H55F transfer

    Hi I just got my split case transfer off the back of my H55F. Vehicle (1989 BJ60) originally ran an H41, which the PO has upgraded to an H55F at some stage. As far as I can tell, the front half of the transfer case is the original mechanical shift type for the four speed. It has the redundant...
  2. W

    Wanted  Looking for a 38 mm split case Seattle/Portland area

    Hey guys I am after a later 60/62 series transfer case must be the 38 mm idler. Let me know if some one has one for sale. Thanks
  3. mattcamp

    Wanted  bolts to mount split case to long 4 sp

    Hello, I am almost finished with a drivetrain project but I am missing bolts! I need the 7 bolts that mount the split case to the h42 long (spacer in back) I don't know the lengths of these bolts either. If someone has that info I would be very grateful. So, bolts or even info, Thank you! -Matt
  4. houstonfj40

    Oil seal- split case 4wd selector shaft

    Quick question. Leaking from selector shaft. Everywhere I look it shows the oil seal and boot to be different part numbers. When I investigated under the truck, mine looks to be one part. The boot and seal seem to be one. Doesn’t look like it can be separated. Anyone ever see this? MOD or...
  5. HDJdreams

    19 spline pattern on 80-89 split case vs HF2A

    Is the 19 spline “pattern” (pitch and diameter) on the 80-89 “split” case the same as 19 spline pattern on the 80’s HF2A? (Obviously the length is different) (I am trying to find a source for a spud shaft)
  6. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  Fj62 transfer case 1988

    Good used 38mm vac controlled transfer case from a 88 Fj62. 210k. Ships from 32609. Case must be disassembled for removal/ shipping. $350. Buyer pays actual ups shipping or can provide a shipping label.
  7. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FJ62 Transfer Vacuum Conversion - Parts?

    Hello folks. I am NOT in the process of converting my transfer case from vacuum shift to manual... but I'm hoping that someone who HAS performed this mod still has the vacuum diaphragm sub-assembly laying around. I posted this in the WANTED section of the classifieds (here), but haven't had...
  8. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FOUND! Transfer Case Piece: Vacuum Actuator Cover. FOUND!

    EDIT: SOLVED, FOUND ONE! Lucky me, I took a rock in a perfect place to punch a quarter-sized hole in the piece shown below. It's the vacuum-actuator on my 1989 FJ62. Hoping someone has a totally junk split case laying around and is willing to sell me that cover! There's the option of welding...
  9. HemiAlex

    H55F Swap Checklist: Post 85

    I'm getting ready to do this swap with my friend @FARMAN33 I've got a new H55F and rebuild split case from Georg. That will make most of this a direct swap into my 87. We will not be using anything from the old set up aside from the t case linkage. Here are the odds and ends that I've got...
  10. prosport

    Wanted  13BT full engine with/without H55F 5 speed

    Hello, I’m looking for a 13BT Diesel engine with or without a H55F 5 speed transmission. I’m also interested if you have a split case transfer case to go with them too. Thanks
  11. Limp mode 62

    Fj40- t-case issues

    So I’ve got an h42 trans with the manual t-case, but when it’s in any gear,( 2,4h,4L )doesn’t matter, and I’m coasting in any gear (1,2,3,4 ) the t-case will pop out and go into neutral but as soon as I come to a stop or a slow roll I can put the t-case back into gear so down hills I have to...
  12. Brewsterfire

    SOLD  3B Diesel 24v, Bellhousing, Clutch, 4Speed, Split case transfer

    Limited history, out of 1982 BJ42, turns over fine. $700 US funds. Will ship at your expense and you make arrangements. I can put on pallet and secure. 900-1000 lbs. Fastway Freight ships from Porthill, ID 83805
  13. Shes Mad

    For Sale  SOLD 1985 2F 4Spd and split case transfer case (MN)

    This truck is in a part out thread but I thought I would post here also since not everybody goes there. This is a 1985 2F and 4 SPD transmission and split transfer case out of a 1985 FJ60. 115k on the odometer. It runs and drives right now.. I'm selling it complete from the fan back just as...
  14. joekatana

    For Sale  PTO Gearbox for split case

    SOLD I have a pto gearbox with lever that I took out of a 70 series,it should bolt on to any 40/60/70 with a H42 or H55 with a split case but if not used in a 70 series you will need to modify the shifter I think. Gathering dust in the shop so the first 200$ takes it home. Free delivery to...
  15. toyotalandfj40

    For Sale  H42 and split TC $500 SoCal

    Swapping a four-speed for my five-speed. Selling the old transmission and transfercase. Swapped the transfercase for an fj60 onto this one, and it will need new gaskets. Transmission worked amazingly, and the clearances for thrust washers and seals were within margin. This will fit fj60...
  16. toyotalandfj40

    For Sale  2F Engine (fuel-injected) with 4-speed and split t-case (Los Angeles, CA)

    Hello! I am placing this for those interested in purchasing a 2F Engine with TBI Fuel-Injection that runs. I recently got a 2H engine with a 5-speed and transfer case and will pulling the older engine by the beginning of the September. I am asking $2500 or best offer. Price may change. (As I...
  17. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  H55f and Split Case (1HZ Input Style) - Sold

    For sale an H55f and Split Case with the 1HZ Style Input Shaft. Mileage is unknow and it came with a 1HZ engine I bought. Looks nice and clean outside. Split Case is Vacuum actuated. Bellhousing and H55 shifter are not included. Asking $2100 plus shipping from Cincinnati. Thanks. P.S...
  18. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  SOLD - 1985 H42 and Split case xfer w/ all linkages (PA)

    H42 & split case w/ all linkages and shifters from a FJ60. Transmission shifter even has inner and outer boots in good shape. $500. I strongly prefer local pickup and will even drive a bit to help out. If shipping, then you need to be prepared to be patient as I build a crate and get it...
  19. S

    Parting Out  complete '89 fj62, 300k, motor runs, bad trans

    a friend in my neighborhood has been driving this as DD for past year or 2. To my knowledge it ran fine and was reliable for her until trans went out. She decided she was not going to replace trans so I ended up buying for a couple of items that I wanted to replace on my FJ62. The big items I...
  20. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  [OH] 3B-Turbo, H55, and Split Case - Sold

    Greetings, I have for sale a 3B-Turbo, H55 and Split Case. The drivetrain (12 Volts) runs great and I would not hesitate to drive it as is across the country. Below is a small list of what has been done to the drivetrain: Turbo-Glide Kit for the 3B from Australia installed about 4000 miles...
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