spare tire carrier

  1. dismount

    Dirtcom Trailswing left hand swing for GX

    I wanted to post some pictures of the Dirtcom trailswing. Installed it over the weekend but still need to move the backup camera and finish the plate light wiring. I debated the Rigd as well, but for my usage the left hand swing seemed to be a better fit. I'm not crazy about any of the...
  2. A

    SOLD  Wanted, FJ40 spare tire carrier - right side, like this.

  3. Schol

    Wanted  Hinges, tire carrier drivers side

    Hi all, I’m also looking for hinges for a driver side spare tire carrier. Same as in this picture from another member Thanks!
  4. grantmccaleb

    SOLD  Driver side spare tire hinges and catch hook

    I’m looking for a driver side spare tire carrier hinges and catch hook. See image below with what I’m looking for. Thanks.
  5. Fuentesfranko

    FJ45LV Help!

    I've been tirelessly and unsuccessfully looking for a Tire holder spindle assembly for my 1966 FJ45LV I've almost given up on finding an original one, so here's my question: Would anyone be willing to lend me their tire holder assembly for a few days so I can have someone replicate it? I could...
  6. HDJdreams

    Anyone have a spare tire cross member and carrier?

    Anyone who has put in an auxiliary tank and/or swing out rear bumper and pulled the spare cross member and carrier, I would love pick it up. Mine is long gone. PM me please. (I had a wanted ad in classifieds for a month and a half and it was crickets. 200 guys aren’t hanging out there.)...
  7. Akella

    For Sale  80 series OEM spare tire carrier and license plate holder

    For sale are used OEM spare tire carrier with license plate holder set. Fits 1990-1997 80 series Mint condition Set comes with: rear quarter panel reinforcement brackets rear lower gate latch/bracket upper gate rubber stopper Price is $399.99 USD shipped to USA. SOLD Please PM for...
  8. LandCruncher80

    For Sale  [SoCal - Irvine] FZJ 80 Front & Rear Sway Bars, Tow Hitch, Stock spare tire carrier

    For sale from a 1997 Landcruiser: Complete set (with frame mounting brackets) front and rear sway bars - $50 each. Local pick-up only. Note: Left side of pic shows a shadow from the sun underneath the front & rear sway bars. Also available for sale (from a 1997 LC) - will post pics later...
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