1. DanMedeiros

    Best socket set besides snap-on

    Hi everyone, I am moving this month and finally have a two car Garage! I just received purchased a huge tool cabinet that is pretty much empty. I need to fill it up. What is the best quality brand for sockets and wrenches. I have tons of cheep random tools in my 80 for emergency wrenching but...
  2. 78f150tx

    Need a 54mm Axle Lock Nut Socket

    Anyone in or near Conway that owns one I could borrow for the afternoon? Repacking my front bearings and would like to use the correct tool rather than go completely shade tree. Thnx!
  3. LongDuck

    Update Your 80: Cigarette Lighter Socket to Dual-USB!

    After Death Valley Overland this time last year, I found that I have little use for a cigarette lighter plug in the dash (*being a non-smoker!), and a real use for USB connectors there. Having borrowed a retrofit plug-in USB adaptor from @1Louder , it worked, but the sad state of my cigarette...
  4. R

    54mm, 2 1/8" socket

    Quick post in case anyone does a sense in everybody shelling out the $$ for a one-time project (rotors/axle etc). Just bought one and happy to share. PM if you want to borrow.
  5. CuCruiser

    For Sale  46MM Socket Williams SOLD

    Due to an ebay bidding error I ended up with two 46mm sockets. This is the size for the harmonic balancer/crank nut on the F/2F/?F etc. $20 takes it, that's less than what I paid. It's new old stock in the box. Nice made in USA tool. 3/4" drive.
  6. B

    54 mm Socket, breaker bar and C-clip

    Hey guys! I was wondering if one of you would be able to rent me a 54 mm socket and breaker bar? for taking off the locking nuts within my 1982 bj60 front hub! also if anyone has any extra snap clips (to keep my axle in my birfield joint) I'd be happy to buy them off you! preferably by March...
  7. GLTHFJ60

    TTT -- The Tool Thread

    I love tools. I love collecting tools, using good tools, cleaning tools, looking at tools, anything with tools. I think we should have a thread to pay tribute to the awesomeness of tools by posting tool recommendations, tool reviews, funny tool stories, how you used a tool for something other...
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