1. D

    For Sale  WY - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - 228k, Mild Build

    2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - $16,000 obo $15,000 obo As much as it pains me to do it, I’ve got an opportunity to purchase a great 200 series, so it’s time to let Debbie my beloved 100 series go. I purchased her from another Mud user back in 2015 and have spent the last 5 years loving her like a...
  2. yonah

    Slee 200-Series Accessory Mounting Tray (new product?)

    I just checked Slee's website and saw this piece of gear for the 200-series: --- It's been a couple of months since I last visited Slee's site, but this...
  3. J

    Wanted  Offset Hawse Fairlead.

    Looking to see if anyone has a spare used or new offset hawse fairlead? I don't want to have to pay like $100 for a new one if i don't have too.
  4. LCHardriver_02

    Installing Factory Tire Carrier with Slee Rear Bumper

    So, the 2018 LC we picked up this summer did not include the factory tire carrier. It was deleted when the original owner replaced the rear bumper with a Slee rear with swing outs. For several reasons... wife's primary vehicle, towing, etc. I am thinking of adding the factory tire carrier...
  5. C

    For Sale  Castle Rock, CO: 2008, Toyota, LC200

    Black 200 Series, full build for sale. Asking $39,500. 168k miles. Slee Build done over winter of 15-16. All maintenance records available. 55k miles or less on build. Build sheet included for information on accessories and additions. I'm happy to answer more and include more pics. Please PM...
  6. F

    SOLD  Slee off-road 2” lift rear coil springs

    Selling my slee off-road springs sku: SOF2RH They fit 98-07 Toyota Land Cruiser or lexus lx470. They give a 2” lift. Gently used and in great shape. These retail for $240 plus shipping and taxes from slee. masking $150 obo picked up from SoCal 90650.
  7. B

    Slee or Delta radius arms?

    Due to caster needs, I'm looking at purchasing either the Delta 6" radius arms or the Slee 6" radius arms. Anyone have experience with both? Does one give better clearance from tie rod arm?
  8. joelcook12

    Short walkaround vid of my 2001 lc 100 with mods

    I have no idea why i talked about eco/power mode i must have thought i was in the wifes highlander facebook youtube please like follow subscribe and such
  9. TXBruiser

    SOLD  SOLD: DFW Texas: 80 series Slee Sliders

    SOLD!!!! Set of 80 series Slee Sliders. Lots of pics, there is some rust. No hardware, it's best to get new anyways Local pickup only. I may be able to meet if your in. the north texas area
  10. L

    ISO Aftermarket Rear Bumper for 97 FZJ80

    New to this site, sorry if I don't know where to post this. I'm in search of an aftermarket rear bumper for my 80. I like the look and functionality of the Slee model. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions for other models, or if anyone has one for sale. Also interested in a front runner...
  11. Cliffordbf

    LX running boards...anyone?

    I have a 2008 LX and just pulled the running boards in preparation of LCDC but I’m contemplating cutting them for sliders. Does anyone need a set of running boards? I’m in Denver/Ouray for the weekend and live in Tulsa. I’m going to get on the list for a set of Slee sliders. First round of...
  12. Bambusiero

    SOLD  [Phoenix] 80 Series - Slee Transfer Case Skid Plate

    For Sale $100 Slee Offroad SOF1002 Transfer Case Skid Plate For 1991-1997 80 Series Landcruiser / LX450 Used, good condition, paint scratches but unbent. Functionally - same as when new. Located in Phoenix Arizona area, East Valley / Chandler. Local pickup is easiest and most cost effective...
  13. ikellymo

    Wanted  SF Bay Area: WANTED - Slee Bumper / Grey LX470 Front-end

    Hello! Last week I ended up as car #3 in a 4-car accident. Thankfully everyone is OK. My LX470 is not :/ I've pulled the damaged parts off the front, and looking to replace with a Blueberry bumper and need all the other bits as well. Clean slate. Could even do a LC conversion if I wanted...
  14. popstar

    Wanted  Slee 80 rear bumper with ladder and tire carrier AZ, CA, NM, UT, CO

    Wanted: used Slee rear bumper for the 80 Series, complete with swing-outs and mounting hardware. PM me with details. I am looking for the style like in the picture Thank you
  15. JackAttack13

    Slee Swingout Info

    Does anyone happen to know any info regarding the spindle size / bearing sizes/ etc. for the Slee swingouts? Having a hard time getting any information regarding the spindle / bearing combo. Thanks!
  16. A

    For Sale  ARB Twin Compressor Kit, SLEE Compressor Brackets, Mud Flap Eliminators, LCP AC Fan Kit

    Hi All, Just about everything has sold. I only have the SLEE air compressor bracket for a 3rd Gen Tacoma remaining ($85). Thanks! I've recently sold my LC100 and have a few extras available for sale. I'm in Frederick, MD (for local pickup) everything else i can ship for whatever the UPS...
  17. RFB

    front sway drop blocks

    I need to fab up a set of drop blocks. Ive had a whiteline front sway for a while. and Im going to install it. Im using @LandCruiserPhil quik dissconnects and need to know what size to make these drops. I saw slee's drop blocks on @Irish Reiver rig yesterday, and Ive seen others but I want to...
  18. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Slee Items 80-series (New)

    I have a couple of Slee Off Road items that I will not use on my build. These items are new and never installed. 1.- Slee Caster Plate Kit: - SOLD Slee - Toyota 80 Land Cruiser Suspension Spacers New list for $139. Asking $120 o.b.o. 2.- Slee Rear E-Locker Guard: - SOLD Slee - Toyota...
  19. aging fleet

    SOLD  Slee 30mm rear spring spacers for 80/100 series (Ohio, US)

    SOLD Purchased and installed in 11/2017 and removed 11/2018 after switching to OME coils. These spacers were on my LC less than 7,000 miles and show only minor wear. $50 for local pickup, $60 shipped (lower 48).
  20. PhillipPinot

    Any advice or tips for installing the Slee primary battery tray?

    Im purchasing the Slee primary battery tray for the Interstate 31P-AGM7 Battery. I’m a woodworker but I have zero car experience. I looked through the instructions and it looks simple enough. Are there any tips/tricks from anyone who installed this share? Like using a particular kind of...
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