1. ahiskydiver8

    For Sale Denver: Old Man EMU shocks fj40 sold

    New shocks that were mounted but never driven or used. They were on the vehicle x 1 week just to get measurements (reasoning this happened is the importer for the vehicle needed shocks on the vehicle to get measurement for the radflo shocks, I am not sure why but I plan to make a post about...
  2. Q

    Leak near top of Front Driver AHC Shock

    I noticed a leak that appears might be originating near the top of the front driver side AHC shock. It seems to proceed down to the location in the second photo. I've done an AHC pressure test and get 8.1 in the front. I will pick up a 30mm socket and adjust my torsion bars tomorrow in case...
  3. Taco2Cruiser

    SOLD 200 Series BP-51 rear shocks

    Two used BP-51 rear shocks. $200 One brand new BP-51 rear shock (old style rock guard). $300
  4. M

    Bilstein Shock Help

    I realize the correct way to measure for what I need and yes I am taking a shortcut but I know somebody has went this very route and has the answer. I have a new never used set of 4" Downey springs that are going on my 79 fj40. I am intending on putting a set of Bilstein shocks with this setup...
  5. dr_dobro

    For Sale 80 series stock height Rancho shock set

    I have a complete set of 4 rancho shocks In good working order. According to previous records, this have about 11k miles on them. They feel good on the road and by closer inspection as well. Boots could be replaced. RS5207 x 2 RS5208 X 2 Asking $100 shipped conus.
  6. ojaij40

    Social Security, in shock

    I filed for social security about 3 weeks ago, they asked me if I had any handicapped children that were handicapped before they turned 22. I told them my severely brain handicapped son got his present condition at 10 years old, so yes. SS called his mom in today and explained that the good...
  7. ROBLE


    Hello there, I am looking for the shock wire that turns the engine off, part number and dealer if is possible bj40 12v 1981, I got one from a fj40 but is smaller and then is stock all the time, so now I have to open my hood and move back the air admission manually in order to start the...
  8. K

    Raised shock mounts

    Does anyone make front raised lower shock mounts or front lowered upper shock mounts to get all the travel from the shocks after adding front bump stop extensions. Same question for the rear. Anyone make rear lowered upper shock mounts.
  9. Hayes

    SLC Utah shock rebuilder

    Anybody know of a shop in the Salt Lake City area that can rebuild an Icon shock? Thanks for your time. Hayes
  10. ad27326

    Real time shock question!

    Order new oem shocks, they come with the rubber grommets, do I transfer over the metal retainers or just use the rubber? You can see the old stock one has a lip at top of shock where the new don't.
  11. rc51kid

    Studs for rear shock mounts?

    From what i am reading shocks such as Fox, Icon, kiing and the others should be serviced every 40-60,000 miles or so. With the amount of miles i put on my truck i will be removing my shocks every two years or so. Last time i had my rear shocks out i remember one of the bolts for the mounting...
  12. Captn Conch

    Wanted Stock front shock mount pins for '71 40

    I'm doing away with my old original leafs and double shock mounts but I can't seem to locate my old shock pins. anybody got a pair for a reasonable price? Maybe I can use a bolt? I think I would like to go back to stock if possible. Thanks, Conch
  13. NNVATXFJ80

    1991 - Tokico Shock Part Numbers

    Hey guys, Getting ready to put OME stock height springs the FJ80 and wondered if anyone knew the correct part numbers for the Tokico shocks. My local dealer had 48511-69187 - front 48531-69256 - rear Any other shocks you would recommend for a truck that spends 90% of its miles on asphalt...
  14. Bardiya

    Double front shock setup

    Will update as I get more information.
  15. 65swb45

    For Sale FJ40, FJ45 Front shock tower extensions, CA

    This product has been around for over 15years, but has never been properly promoted by me. Originally designed by Downey and subsequently modified by me, the extension brackets allow for mounting a shock 5" longer than you otherwise could with the factory setup while still utilizing the stock...
  16. 65swb45

    FJ40 and FJ45 front shock tower extensions

    [I figured I would post this up in tech, since I believe the discussion is generic to different options for installing longer-travel shocks.] Credit for this idea goes 100% to @Downey. It has been a very long time now, but IIRC Jim originally designed this product in about 2001, concurrent...
  17. Grouseman

    Arm that holds Rear Shock on 1996 Cruiser

    I had shocks put on recently and the mechanic said the arm that hold the shock on is rotted (Right Rear). It needs to be replaced. Anybody have an idea of the name of the part or is it something that has to be repaired, etc. Thanks Gman
  18. R

    Shock bolt prices

    Not a huge deal but just interested in what people are paying the $tealers for new shock bolts? Just about to do a front and rear shock change on my '03 LC UZJ and ordered some lower bolts in at A$8ea for the fronts and A$19ea for the rears! We seem to get torn a new one in Australia...
  19. alabamatacomaguy

    Wanted Front upper shock bolts and hardware 78 fj40

    im looking for the front shock upper bolt/pins and the hardware that would go on a 78 fj40. Need to be in good shape looks like I'm a few years to late on oem. If anyone knows of a vender that sells them please let me know. I've found one vender but they are aftermarket and add up with...
  20. Tedward

    Wanted Frnt shock bushing retainer 95LC

    Hoping someone will help me out here. I need one front shock bushing retainer. The big washers. There are two types: 1. A flat, concave really, but with no flange or shoulder in the middle. 2. The other has a shoulder to locate the shock stem in the shock perch. That's the one I need. Just...
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