1. Borrego

    2003 Tundra balancing issue

    I have a 2003 Limited Tundra with 255,000 miles, which I bought new off the lot with only 4 miles on it. It is the most reliable car I've ever owned. I've never had a problem with it. All I've ever done is just standard maintenance and after 16 years, it still runs and looks like it's brand new...
  2. Beachcomber Bernie

    Harmonic vibration

    OK guys (and gals), I’ve reached the end of the internet and need to go to the well on this one. New to me 2015 with 75k. First 5k were stellar. Now I’m hit with random vibration attacks that we can’t replicate on demand for Toyota. Straight road Freeway speeds only Tiny vibrations start and...
  3. outdoor7or24

    2005 LX 470 making high pitch sound at high speed (>70mph)

    Just bought 2005 LX470 last week, 256k, super clean and dealer maintained whole life. So I have been searching the forums and web to see if I can find if anyone has the same issue. It is really weird and my wife and I noticed on our first road trip this weekend. I found this but this is not...
  4. P

    Stock 100 steering shake - common? easy fix?

    I'm currently on the hunt for a 05-06 100. Oddly for over a month of searching, I've only been able to drive one for the first time yesterday. Tested a stock 06 LX470 with Hankook tires (very street orientated tires) with 150k on the odo. Plenty of tread and didn't show odd wear. When I...
  5. A

    Highway speeds, shaking

    Can someone provide me with some incite on this problem? At speeds above 50mph in my 01 LX my front end feels very lose and the steering wheel gets a moderate shake to it. Tires where recently balanced, my mechanic said he checked all the front end stuff and everything looked tight. Maybe bad...
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