1. 100landcruiser

    suspenion and lift

    i have a 2003 100, what are the best offroad shocks that dont break the bank? anyone know where to get a leveling kit?
  2. BushChook

    Is my Cylinder Head still stuffed?

    Hi guys, i am new here but i was told you are good for technical information. I have just performed my first ever cylinder head swap, and i followed all the instructions and i think i either messed up or i got a crap head. The head is a "new" one from the wreckers, it was straight to my...
  3. Isaacjohnstar

    For Sale Green 1999 Toyota Landcruiser, roof rack, ARB bumper, roof top tent $7,450

    Price Drop- $6,800 or best offer. Selling my 100 series. Green 1999 Toyota Landcruiser, roof rack, ARB bumper, roof top tent 268k miles Well maintained, runs well. Towing hitch receiver. I was told the timing belt and water pump were changed at 190k, but I have no records. The good...
  4. INNOV8S

    For Sale FJ80 parts

    L and R seats. L and R front marker lights. Wiper linkage, and wiper arms. Interior plastic trim: center console, door covers, rear storage cover and door. Wheel flair. Rear bumper cap, pass. side. and front bumper cap, missing boss inserts for mounting, chrome bent. $150 takes all...
  5. aznxfactor

    200 series regrets!!!

    Catchy subject line eh? First and foremost I do not regret my 2016 200 series. Looking back I had two choices: Take the Black Or... Take the Brandy wine Mica I liked both colors but then opted to go black. Love it! Love it! Love it! However working at Charles Maund Toyota in Austin. We...
  6. dr_dobro

    For Sale SOLD 0 rust 94 80 series body NY

    Have a beautiful white 1994 carcass in Long Island NY, not a spec of rust. Would like to get $350 for it
  7. cc93cruiser

    Wanted 80 series OEM front bumper

    Looking for a front oem front bumper for my 93 80 series... Had one lined up couple months ago from another forum member but lost phone around that time... Anyone in the SF bayarea or central valley I'll come pick up... Need brackets and hardware...
  8. B

    For Sale 200 Series Headlight Assemblies-Used

    For sale are a left and right headlight assembly from a 2008 Toyota Land Crusier. The passenger side one is still very clear, but driver side needs a lot of love. I will sell individually as well. $100 for clear passenger side and $50 for driver side which needs work. I have the toyota...
  9. 6840

    For Sale Three 80 series for parts/rebuild

    Moved this thread from the "parting out forum" Finally accepting limits to my time and energy, so I'm selling my remaining 80 series project trucks. This is a complete lot sale, I'm not selling individual parts. Currently on Craigslist at $3800, MUD member price $3500. Everything is located in...
  10. MauricioR

    Back seat belts wet

    Hi, I need a hand here to see if anyone have had this problem on an 80. What happens is that every time that rains, the seat belts on the back seats get wet, the two of them. I have no idea where the water might be going thru, have someone experienced anything like this? Could be a faulty...
  11. X

    For Sale 1963 Land Rover Series 2A

    This is my Land Rover Series IIA that is listed on Bring a Trailer. A cool rig that was build out for work on a pheasant hunting ranch... 1963 Land Rover 109 Series IIA 4x4
  12. alia176

    FREE 80 series OEM droopy visors oak color, qty-4

    If anyone needs a set or two for experiment, you can have my set plus another pair. As usual, the driver side droops but the passenger sides are better. They're yours for the cost of shipping/handling. I've switched to a domestic brand from the junk yard, got a writeup someplace in the 80...
  13. Javelin

    For Sale FS TrailTailor LCA Skids 100 Series

    Selling my set of Rear LCA skids for 100 Series. I've already primed and painted them with rustoleum texture black. $50 shipped Costa Mesa, CA

    80 Series 2nd Row step nuts in std or ext lenght (black, brown, gray)

    For those of you with an 80 Series you probably are already missing one or more of the little plastic set nuts used to hold down the second row step or maybe you added sound Dynamat or other sound deadener and the plastic nuts aren't long enough anymore. Well, because I have nothing else better...
  15. R

    For Sale '94 FZJ80

    $8,500 Located in Texas
  16. lt1fire

    Anyone made a J-moose style rack for a 100 series

    A J-moose rack was always on my list of things to do for my old 80. Thinking about doing it on the 100 now but haven't found any threads on it besides a few mentions in threads about 80 series guys doing it. I had a link to the build page for it but it seems like it has been taken down. But...
  17. ampline

    For Sale 1995-97 fzj80 grill

    for sale. 1995-1997 fzj80 grill. $125 plus shipping. Thanks.
  18. G

    Wanted 80 series tie rod

    I'm in need of an 80 series tie rod ASAP. please PM me if you have one and how much you want
  19. dr_dobro

    For Sale 80 series stock height Rancho shock set

    I have a complete set of 4 rancho shocks In good working order. According to previous records, this have about 11k miles on them. They feel good on the road and by closer inspection as well. Boots could be replaced. RS5207 x 2 RS5208 X 2 Asking $100 shipped conus.
  20. excessive

    For Sale 80 series and LX450 Garage sale

    Hello Mud, i am cleaning out my storage of most of my spare parts that i seem to have accumulated over the years - primarily to raise funds for my upcoming front axle service and new tires! Location : Charleston, SC. **Prices do not include shipping. Local Pickup welcome and preferred **I will...
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