1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Los Angeles area: FJ80 ECU units AND all other electronic stuff FROM Good Running Cars

    Please specify your year and the number on your ECU if readable. I have parts for both 3FE and 1FZE, OBD1 and OBD2. I have about a dozen ECU units from different year USA Cruisers. (Ebay has lots of Europe and Asia ECUs which dont always match our OBD1/OBD2) Each ECU including shipping within...
  2. lethal1

    For Sale  AHC Parts Birmingham AL

    Finally splurged and got my OME setup installed. All items were removed in perfect working order from a 99 LX470 that has always been in the South, no rust anywhere. So far I have removed the console switch unit, both front height sensors and the rear as well. The pump and the remainder of the...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Steering Wheel Center with Airbag 1995-1996-1997

    SoCal $100 + $17.40 shipping. The brightspot on the picture is from the flash, it is in very nice condition with no discoloration or cracks or signs of use. No codes from vehicle it came from indicating any problems, and the car had not been wrecked. Sold with no guaranty on the airbag except...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  3FE Air Flow Meter, hoses, Smog Pump, hoses, smog parts etc. FJ80

    SoCal, No Check engine lights. These were on a great running engine which has been sold. Every external accessory available for the 3FE EXCEPT PS pump. Air Flow Meter (aka Air Vane or AFM)is $125 including shipping. Shipping OK on these parts.
  5. V

    AHC - Rear is stuck on Low, but dashboard shows steady green for L,N,H ?

    Gents, My LC100 from 2000 with approx 170.000 km is now sitting permanently on LOW in the rear. The high adjustments works fine for the front, can go from from L,N,H with no probs. Just that the rear keeps sitting on low. What I don't get, is that the dashboard indicator stops blinking after...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  1FZE External Engine Parts Also Engine Block

    SoCal Sensors, Oil Pan, Pulleys, AC brackets, Water pump, Starter, Oil level sensor, valve cover, wiring loom, alternator, distributor, injectors, exhaust manifolds, intake, EGR, etc etc. all from 1FZE engines. Also available are ECUs, please specify year and wire harness. Please include your...
  7. B

    Wanted  Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor

    Recently, one of the exhaust gas temperature sensors on my FJ80 failed and I need a replacement (P/N 89425-69065). My FJ80 is a 1992 with the 3F-E engine. The sensor I need is the left side sensor located in the y-pipe in the exhaust just behind the catalytic converters. If you know where I...
  8. J

    ARB Rear Bumper with Camera & Parking Sensors

    Does anyone know if the rear camera and parking sensors work with an ARB rear bumper setup with the tire carrier on the right and jerry can on left side of vehicle (2017 Land Cruiser). If not, do you know of any rear bumper/tire carrier which does allow the rear camera and parking sensors to...
  9. toyteg08

    Quick question - P0401 and knock sensors

    I searched, but didn't find much of anything. Is there any way at all possible for a bad knock sensor to cause a P0401 code without throwing a P0325 or 330 code? Back story: completely took off intake manifold to have hot tanked, broke connectors on TVV and rear knock sensor when unplugging...
  10. workingdog

    questions about Gen III sensors

    I'm hoping someone can identify these for me. I think I know some, but I'm not 100% sure. What's #1? Is it the Intake Air Temperature? What's the bulb? Ambient temperature? What's #2 blocking off? I'm assuming #3 is Idle Air Control IAC and that #4 is TPS sensor telling the computer where...
  11. 80proof

    Wanted  2 bad fj80 o2 sensors

    Just going to use these to plug the old holes on my exhaust when I move the sensors up to the pair valves old location. Looking for cheap! I'm in Portland, OR Will pay shipping. Thanks!
  12. HomersCanyonero

    Question on Downstream O2 sensors left vs right

    I've read a few threads on this, but not sure if these two downstream O2 sensors will work. Amazon lists a different model for right vs left, but I've read on here that they are the same. Anyone know if Amazon is right or wrong? Denso 234-4260 Oxygen Sensor -- Downstream Right Denso 234-4261...
  13. bw86newman

    No speedometer....Speed Sensors??

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on here as an actual owner of a land cruiser. I just purchased a 1995 J80 from the original owner about a month ago. PO kept amazing care of the truck and there are a bunch of maintenance records to go with wheeling, just a city car. Everything...
  14. lechnito

    Custom exhaust. Are my o2 sensors in the right place?

    The PO of my rig had someone weld up a custom stainless steel exhaust setup. Does it look like the o2 sensors are in the correct locations?
  15. White Stripe

    Possible new source for tbi speed sensors

    I know jags that run doesn't make a sensor anymore. Heres some possible alternatives... Rostra Vehicle Speed Sensors 250-4160 Rostra Vehicle Speed Sensors 250-4153 Brantz Japanese Gearbox Sensor Probe M22 x 1.5mm Thread Lugdrive | eBay Still looking for other options. Just happy my jtr sensor...
  16. W

    Registration new tire pressure sensors

    Hey guys. I need help with registration new (winter) tire pressure sensors on LC200 2015. Dealer has changed ID but without techstream. I want to register winter tires as 2nd tire but I am always getting an error. "ID registration failed due to a communication error with the ECU while in...
  17. KevsDieselLC

    EGT, oil pressure & water temp sensors and gauges for 3B

    Hey everybody, does anyone have any good recommendations for sensors and gauges for the 3B diesel (with supra CT26 turbo)? Any instructions how to install them? Thanks!
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