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  1. Navyator

    Seat Belt Compatibility Question

    Hi All, I have a question about compatibility of seat belts between years. I have a 1991 JDM with some questionable seat belts. My driver side belt is starting to fray and it is difficult to get the belt to lock by pulling on it. Basically it takes a lot of sharp pulls and it engages maybe...
  2. hammerheadfistpunch

    Seatbelt reweb

    Anyone have a vendor they've used and liked to reweb a seatbelt? I've got fraying and so I ordered one from Cruiser Parts but it came in an unacceptable condition. I could order factory fresh but they no longer sell the the $$$. I've seen and...
  3. Gnarwgn

    Interior Part# ID help...

    Hey Team - I can't seem to ID the part numbers for the following, despite staring at schematics AND having the local Toyota parts counter guy try to figure it this point I suppose its possible that they don't exist, but I suspect something exists to cover these bolt heads? 1. 2nd row...
  4. SteveH

    Seat Belt rewebbing

    I sent my '78 driver's side OEM FJ40 seat belt to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. They advertise on eBay and the web that they will replace the webbing and clean/lube/repair the unit for $75 or so. I found a discount code on the web that covered the amount of the return shipping and then some...
  5. sigorama

    For Sale FJ60 Seat Belts

    I have a variety of FJ60 seat belts for sale. Front shoulder belts, receivers, rear center lap belt, rear seat belt receivers and retractable lap belts. Lap belts work great. You can see pics here: Brown FJ60 Seat Belts - Google Drive $40 for a lap belt $25 to $35 for lap belt receivers $30...
  6. Dim130

    For Sale Full rear interior (incl seats) for 80-series - grey - great condition - 650USD

    For sale: rear and 3rd row of seats + seat belts + fixing gear + carpets for a grey Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. Overview: - rear row (2 parts): 250 USD - 3rd row (2 parts, fold on the side): 250 USD - seat belt rear row: 100 USD - seat belt 3rd row: 100 USD - entire rear floor carpet + foot...
  7. onetruth1130

    another seat/seat belt question...sorry

    so i have a 96 lx450 with crappy front seats(leathers all torn up) and no 2nd row seats. i found a junk yard selling "like new"front and 2nd row manual cloth seats out of a 1992 FJ for $350. i have read that the seat belt latches are in a different position for the front seats and have to be...
  8. B

    Wanted Driver Side Front Seat Belt Grey for 93 FJ80

    I need a grey seat belt for the drivers side front seat of a 94 fj80, let me know if you have one that's in good condition and not torn or stained
  9. zgarre

    Wanted FJ60 Driver Seat Belt Receiver (Gray)

    Looking for one of these that isn't cracked - pics appreciated! Mine has the seat belt warning light plug. Pic to follow...
  10. tstepp920

    seat belt differences

    Are there any differences, other than color, in the seat belts used for short jump seats from year to year
  11. Cruiser804

    Seat Belt Adjuster not working

    I removed all my seat belts to have the retractors rebuilt. For the front you have to lift up the mechanism used to adjust the height of the seat belt on the pillar. Now the adjusters aren't working. I figured out how they work but seems like I am missing a piece. So the white bar with the...
  12. J

    Quick help with seat belt removal please!

    How do I remove the trim pieces at the front upper seat belt adjuster to get to the seat belt anchor please? I don't want to ruin the plastic... It is an 96 with the adjustable belts... Thank you! Jan
  13. ariff

    front lower seat belt anchor

    So my son removed the seat belts from our cruiser when we were stripping the interior. And he does not really remember how they go back. I think I have them on properly but being a major safety concern I wanted to post here to be sure I have them mounted correctly. By any chance any of you with...
  14. Rollinns

    Wanted Center 3rd row seat belt for 80

    Looking for a center 3rd row seat belt, color brown or tan, for my 80 series. Thanks, Lee
  15. DelMarCruiser

    Wanted OEM 79-83 FJ40 rear/jump seat belt

    Hi, I am looking for one or a pair of seat belts for the jump seats for my '82 FJ40. Cheers, Jason
  16. brd

    BJ40 OEM Rear seat belt details?

    Hi All, I have a 1979 BJ40 with rear jump seats (and no seat belts) and would like to fit the rear 4x lap belts. Were they fitted as standard (the BJ40 is french model)? And if so, I would like to know where exactly they were bolted on - as if I need to drill holes in a good condition original...
  17. repentsinner

    For Sale FJ60 Front seat belt

    Front seat belt out of an 1984 FJ60, this one is brown. It was on the driver's side, but I don't believe these have a handed-ness until later? Belt is clean with minor wear at the edges, in great shape for its age. As used safety equipment this item obviously comes with no warranty/guarantee...
  18. M

    Wanted Want to Buy Passenger Seat Belt in Tan

    I am looking for the female end only in tan for my 1995 Cruiser for the front passenger side. Can anyone help me out? Shipping to 53207 (Milwaukee, WI) Thanks! Mike
  19. zgarre

    For Sale FJ60 Rear Seat Belt Receiver w/bolt (Shadow Gray)

    Excellent condition, I just ended up with an extra after replacing a rear belt assembly. $15 + sh. Pictures to follow.
  20. jstigler

    Child seats in an 80 (seat belt info)

    So I searched and it seems that my 93 is the last year that the second row doesn't have the ratchet feature once the belt is fully pulled. Can someone confirm that any model 94 and up will have ratcheting belts in the 2nd row. If so can you install 94+ 2nd row belts on a 91-93 model. Do the...
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