1. John E Davies

    Removable front seat covers

    Any suggestions for my '13 200? I really like these from Equipt but there is no way in this lifetime that I will pay $460 for two.... "They are all handcrafted from 510 denier cotton canvas and contoured specifically to the Land Cruiser seating surface. Each cover set includes headrest covers...
  2. Riviera

    Removable Barrier behind 1st row?

    I read several threads on barriers, but none had the info I was looking for. My wife and I often travel alone, and right now we're in the process of moving. Any recommendations for a removable barrier to use when the 2nd row is folded forward all the way? I've looked at a few but I'm worried...
  3. ad27326

    Permanent or removable

    I recently purchased a trailer to carry my rtt, I am having a local guy build a rack for it. My question is do I have the rack built to be removable, cons being it can sit a little lower and I can use the trailer however, whenever, or do I have it welded permanently, it would sit a little higher...
  4. Tank5

    For Sale FJ45 removable top corner glass

    SOLD I have two sets of corner glass for the removable top FJ45. They are used and have a few blemishes. Asking a 100.00 for each corner plus shipping.
  5. uwum15

    '79 FJ40 roof rack ideas

    I have been searching for a roof rack for my 1979 FJ40 but I can't seem to find a good option online or in the forums. Does anyone know of a manufacturer for something nice that I can remove when I want to? Thanks in advance,
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