1. B

    Keyless Remote Lock / Unlock

    Anyone know where to get replacements remotes for locks? Called the dealer and said they are discontinued.
  2. suprarx7nut

    What does Your Remote Look Like?

    I'm releasing a remote for the FJ Cruiser soon. I want to make sure I correctly identify the years that have this style remote on the FJ. Can you folks comment whether or not this is your style of remote and what year your rig is? Thanks! OEM: YotaMD:
  3. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD 2019 Black Friday Sale - Biggest Yet

    Alright 'mud, it's that time of year again. The YotaMD Black Friday Sale is back and better than ever. This year it's Buy One Get One 50% on the ENTIRE STORE. All kits, all spare parts, all colors, all versions, everything! I've got lots of stock built up with...
  4. D

    How to add only remote keyless entry & locking to 1994 FZJ80

    I've just finished a rather long and confusing process of installing remote keyless locking to my 94 80 series and thought I'd write up my experience for anyone else that wants keyless remote locking without alarms, lights, remote start and etc. Besides the ease of using a remote to enter and...
  5. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD Titanium Integrated Remote Key Fob Shell

    Alright, I'm finally letting this latest creation loose. Multilayered Grade 5 Titanium bracing combined with the rugged plastic I've been using for over a year and 100+ sales of the original YotaMD key fob makes this one durable key system. You'll need to reuse your existing remote internals and...
  6. H

    For Sale  HDJ81 Factory Bumper and AISIN Winch w/ remote - Texas (US)

    I have a 1991 Land Cruiser HDJ81 (RHD, Japanese Domestic Market) FACTORY Toyota bumper and AISIN FACTORY electric winch (12v) for sale as a packaged deal. I am asking $900 for everything, plus shipping cost, in the U.S. only! It includes the HDJ81 factory bumper, factory electric winch bumper...
  7. suprarx7nut

    3D Printed Key Fob Shells - Trapezoid Two-Button

    Hey all you hardcore 80 series folks! I made a key fob for the 100 series remote. I have had dozens of requests to make a shell for the 80 series as well. I have one style complete and ready for orders - the Two Button "Trapezoid" style. If you have another style remote and would want one of...
  8. Irish Reiver

    Keyless entry & Remote Start systems OBD1

    I want to replace the old keyless entry system which has now failed with a new model that also has a remote start function. My truck is a '94 so OBD1 (not sure if that matters). Does any one have real world recommendations ?
  9. BAJA FJ40

    KING 2.0 Emulsion/Piggyback/Remote (Application)

    Looking for some tips/info/recommendations prior to purchase of rear shocks. Vehicle Weight & Application - FJ40, V8, 35" Tires family cage w/safari rack rear bumper w/spare tire swing, rack, spare fuel cans, etc Front: Y-Link, coil-overs Rear: FJ60 leafs, SOA 30% Crawling / 35% Off-road / 35%...
  10. rc51kid

    Were do you mount remote reservoirs...pic request

    I just got my front Radflo 2.5 remote reservoirs. The order for all 4 shocks shipped in two boxes and i only have the first box with the fronts. I was told it would include a mounting bracket that i hope is in the second box. But regardless the bracket just gets screwed in wherever you want it...
  11. fj62max

    Anyone running a transmssion cooler with fan?

    About to change my transmission fluid and wanted to add a transmission cooler. Looking into a cooler with fan. Should i leave the stock cooler into the radiator and also run the other one? Any info will help. Thanks
  12. Landshark

    Remote Battery Shutoff, Switch for HJ60

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, I could not find info I need using search. Anyways, I have a 1987 HJ 60 Canadian model that I only drive during the spring to fall and even then I may go weeks without driving it. I have a Solar in equalizing mode but even then I find my batteries may...
  13. Honger

    Question on Warn Remote Nut

    Can anyone help me out on this? I am missing the nut that snugs down on the toggle switch for my older Warn 8274 remote. I'm in the States and want to pick up a replacement but I left the remote in the UAE. Can anyone tell me the thread size of this? Thanks, Joel
  14. PDoyle

    Starter grind after using remote starter

    I've had this remote starter installed on my 96 (a Shelby CS-350r) for at least 10 years. Lately when I try to start it from the keypad many feet away there are times it will not engage. I get in the truck and hit the brake to shut down the system because it thinks it is running, turn the key...
  15. M

    Remote oil filter setup: how would you.....

    .....Do your hoses? I don't like the clamp setup. I'd prefer something more secure. Crimped. Is there a better way to secure the oil hoses? How would you boys do it?
  16. RS6tofj80

    For Sale  Warn VR10000S - like new w/ remote ( houston)

    installed for a month but literally never used - I also have the longer cable to be able to mount the Solenoid remotely, plus the shorter cables. Comes with the Warn Remote and the wireless remote as well. Local only due to weight - but could deliver to Austin/ SA, Dallas or Nola areas as I...
  17. V

    Remote key problem

    Hi, I just bought a remote transponder key for my LX470 (2005) off ebay. I used techsteam and programmed the remote key part of it and subsequently I got it cut and programmed by a locksmith. It generally works great (although I find in difficult to press the remote key buttons, as they are...
  18. JonD

    New head unit / backup cam / remote start

    Finally treated Vicki to some upgrades I had been planning on from the start. Headunit: Sony XAV-AX100 6.4" Media Receiver with Bluetooth: Cell Phones & Accessories Remote start: PRIME G9 | Remote Car Starters | Compustar Not sure about the brand of backup camera as I had a...
  19. dnh1

    LX Enform Remote App

    LX has a smartphone app that is pretty cool. You can remote start the engine, lock/unlock doors, locate the vehicle, check amount of gas in tank, time until service, total miles, trip miles, status of all doors / windows, among other things. Apologies if this was already on this forum. Did...
  20. lrowe_csp

    For Sale  Perma Cool Remote Mount Fuel Filter system, Nor VA

    I have a remote mount fuel filter system, including the mount and two new filters. This is the write up on the Perma Cool Website: Perma-Cool® Fuel Filter/Water Separator Systems ensure delivery of clean and water-free fuel to your engine. Whether you use diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, E85...
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