recovery points

  1. thomasedwa

    Where to buy bolts for 80 series Land Cruiser front recovery points for ARB bumper

    Bought an ARB Bumper a while back, took it off to install a winch, and lost 2 of the 4 bolts for the front recovery points. Looked all over the shop and couldn't seem to find them, they must have ended up in the trash. Went to some local hardware stores to try to find bolts for them, I wasn't...
  2. perrobravo

    For Sale  San Diego Random Parts for Beer/Cash

    Doing a bit of spring cleaning and have a random collection of parts I'm hoping to find good homes for. I'd prefer not to ship (mostly out of laziness) so am hoping for a local San Diego sale/trade for qualified local beers*. Item 1: 80 series OEM bumper fog light grill inserts, $5 or beer...
  3. Bassumarus

    Stock Front Recovery Point Photo Request

    No Such Thing as a Stupid Question test of the day: Where the hell are my front recovery points? I've been all over the front my Landbruiser and can't find them anywhere. Internet searches I've done reference loops welded to the frame, but I haven't found any photos to help me see where to...
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