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  1. AverySimmons

    Rear AC not blowing cold

    My rear AC is not blowing cold but my front works incredibly. Wanting to tackle this before it really heats up in Texas. Any suggestions before I go down a rabbit hole? I bought my ‘99 LC 3 months ago and then previous owner did confirm that he recently charged the AC with R-134A at 1.5lbs...
  2. Pucker5

    Rear a/c expansion valve replacement

    So long story short everything in my front a/c chain has been replaced to new relatively recent. The rear had been capped so I got all new rear lines and a new rear suitcase (I don’t know what it’s called so gimmie a break) but I don’t replace the rear expansion valve which I think is the fail...
  3. kevgentile

    Rear A/C and Rear heat delete

    Yanking the rear heat and cool systems out of the LX. Got the front LC delete hoses on the way now and pulled the coolbox today. The single a/c system lines I need are NLA so will need to pull from a part out. I assume Toyota stamped one chassis for both the LC and LX and utilized body plugs...
  4. ryanCA

    Rear A/C vent "flutter?"

    I am having an issue, that once I turn on the rear a/c system, there is a "fluttering" noise that is coming from the rear. I haven't been able to pinpoint it, but it almost sounds like ONLY from the 3rd row area. I did some searches on here, where people have had blower issues or things stuck...
  5. L

    Reset rear AC controls?

    My rear AC controls appear to be stuck on the highest temperature setting, and the temperature controls don't appear to work. The on/off button works but not the temperature control. I've tried unplugging the battery and giving ample time for everything to reset, removing the rear AC controls...
  6. C

    JDM/AUS FZJ80 rear AC magnetic switch

    I have recently acquired a 1996 FZJ80 with just over 40k miles. It came factory with a rear AC unit but it doesnt engage the conpressor or recieve and cold freon. Im 99% sure i have nailed it down to the rear magnetic switch, but cant find a part number that is usable. I have found the part...
  7. 1989 land cruiser VX FJ62

    1989 land cruiser VX FJ62

  8. A

    Rear A/C not working?

    Hi. Got a new problem. First I thought that's my lc doesn't have a rear A/C. I lt's a GXR so poor version. Today I figured that I have rear A/C but there's no power in it. Rear climate panel doesn't work. Maybe it's because i cannot turn the "rear" button on front panel. It's Just not working...
  9. UniquE

    For Sale  FJ60-62 Rear A/C

    Selling an ORIGINAL rear A/C for an FJ60-62 RARE PART $600 + shipping -World Wide Shipping- PayPal
  10. sean2202

    couple a/c questions

    OK so my A/C has not worked since I bought my cruiser in December. Figuring I had a rear leak from reading other posts I tracked it down to two fittings that were cracked in the rear high pressure line by the rear axle. I found the post on the airsept repair but was wondering if anyone has ever...
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