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  1. C

    JDM/AUS FZJ80 rear AC magnetic switch

    I have recently acquired a 1996 FZJ80 with just over 40k miles. It came factory with a rear AC unit but it doesnt engage the conpressor or recieve and cold freon. Im 99% sure i have nailed it down to the rear magnetic switch, but cant find a part number that is usable. I have found the part...
  2. 1989 land cruiser VX FJ62

    1989 land cruiser VX FJ62

  3. A

    Rear A/C not working?

    Hi. Got a new problem. First I thought that's my lc doesn't have a rear A/C. I lt's a GXR so poor version. Today I figured that I have rear A/C but there's no power in it. Rear climate panel doesn't work. Maybe it's because i cannot turn the "rear" button on front panel. It's Just not working...
  4. UniquE

    For Sale FJ60-62 Rear A/C

    Selling an ORIGINAL rear A/C for an FJ60-62 RARE PART $600 + shipping -World Wide Shipping- PayPal
  5. sean2202

    couple a/c questions

    OK so my A/C has not worked since I bought my cruiser in December. Figuring I had a rear leak from reading other posts I tracked it down to two fittings that were cracked in the rear high pressure line by the rear axle. I found the post on the airsept repair but was wondering if anyone has ever...
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