1. 9

    Potential cause of rattling? Image posted

    i have a 94’ fzj80 with a 4 inch ome lift on 315/75r16’s. Lately I’ve had a bad rattling noise that didnt sound like my exhaust rattle. Looked under the truck to find the bushing on the stabilizer bar completely missing on passenger side and falling apart on driver side. Any idea on part numbers...
  2. G

    Does this rattling noise mean by cat is shot?

    A couple of weeks after replacing the O2 sensors and an AFR valve on my 1995 LC (FJZ80), I noticed a rattling noise coming from the area near the front of the cat. It sounds like nuts and bolts rattling around in a tin can. The vehicle has 248k miles, and the cat was never replaced. (I attached...
  3. Arailt

    Front doors rattling from speakers

    Hey everyone, Apologies in advance if this has already been covered. I did a quick google search and couldn't find anything specific to the 470. Anyway, I've been experiencing some rattling/buzzing in my front door panels when I crank my music to 11. I checked the speakers and they all seem...
  4. E

    Fiberglass Top and A Rattling Window

    I went to see a 78 landcruiser today, and its the first fj40 I've seen/driven with the intent to buy. I wont be purchasing this particular example, to many unknown leaks, strange aftermarket upgrades, plus a bad respray color change. Ive been researching landcruisers for about a year now, and...
  5. S

    1kzte loud knocking. struggling to start

    HELP. I hav problem with with land cruiser Colorado 3.0L. the engine is struggling to start with a lot of grey n black smoke, with it does start for a second there is a loud knock/rattle on revs, then in stalls
  6. Tofel

    Hot engine & rattling noises (far from home)

    Hi! Need your advice badly on this as I´m thousends of miles away from any car mechanic I know and trust. Hope that some of you had similar problem and managed to fix it. For the last 1800 miles I´ve observed a strange behavior of the engine noises. When the motor is cold everything sounds...
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