1. B

    Help Needed: Sunroof Parts

    I read through all the FJ80 sunroof threads I could get my hands on and finally decided to tackle my broken sunroof. I have it completely removed the headliner and sunroof from the vehicle and found the culprit. Clogged drip tubes caused water to pool up around the cables which are now...
  2. utahisrad

    Clean, Simple, Easy Option for Sliders - LCP Rails

    I’ve been looking for sliders but had no idea what direction I wanted to go. The one thing I did know though is that I am not going to be doing any crazy rock crawling with my LC. Eventually I spotted this post from @pjess50 and knew those were the sliders I wanted. I contacted...
  3. Strait Cruisin

    Inside frame rails mufflers/exhaust - v8

    I'm about to do the exhaust on my glacially progressing rebuild. I remember seeing some frame off pictures a while back of a really nice example of twin mufflers mounted behind the t-case. I thought I saved them but over the years there's lots of stuff I thought I saved. Anyone have pictures of...
  4. J

    FJ40 Front Seat Rails

    I am interested in having my 1977 FJ40 front seat frames powder coated. Do these rails breakdown any further? Thanks Jeff
  5. G

    Seats for sale

    The seats are worn and the motors don't work. The switches are really the only good thing. Looking to get 60 for the both. Located in Temecula. Or make me an offer. Great project opportunity.
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