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  1. N

    Project - why did i do this?

    Hi All, Have been lurking here for a while and figured I should post a build thread to add to all the valuable knowledge here. My experience should be used as an example of what not to do. It has been a very long process. I hope i get to drive it some day. the most recent screw up was that I...
  2. K

    For Sale  Camarillo, California. 1966 FJ40 for sale project

    For sale is my brothers 1966 fj40. Its been in arizona its whole life up until about two months ago... well his wife is pregnant and he has too many toys so this one has got to go. Location: Camarillo, California Clean title rust free body and frame Have fenders and rear hatch just not pictured...
  3. K

    For Sale  Panama City Beach FL - 1976 Toyota FJ40 Project Build

    Regrettably, I have to sell my project 40 I have been messing with for awhile. Asking $20K. Frame - Sand Blasted and coated in POR 15, frame has been heavily fortified and beefed up, modded for LM7/4L60E mounting. Over 7K in fab work. Axles rebuild with longfield axle shafts in the rear...
  4. LCruiser

    Twin V8

    This project will show the build of both 76 and 79 series. Brief Explanation: It has been a long journey and short at the same. It has been a dream to build not due to reliability because of its off-road capabilities. Toyota is dominant in our market so the car choice was between 76 series and...
  5. J

    For Sale  Price check on 77 FJ40?

    A friend is offering a 77 FJ40 with a 350 swap, lift kit, and off road tires for $8,500 (TMU). Truck has been sitting for a few years (albeit protected in a covered shed), but we put a little gas in the tank and a hit of fuel in the carb and she started right up...gotta love a 350. Body is...
  6. D

    LX470 Project Build

    I currently own a 2010 Mercedes E550 it's a great car but a little tired of all these repairs becoming too frequent. I was told to buy one of these originally, but didn't listen oh well live and learn. I current taking on this project of this blizzard pearl 2005 LX470 168k one owner from Texas...
  7. M

    For Sale  1965 fJ-40 $2500

    I have a 1965 toyota land cruiser. It needs a lot of work but has a lot of potential. The title is clean, front window is original, spring over, saginaw power steering box, no seats, after market soft top, some bubbling rust, 2 sets tires (super swamper boggers and TSL,) a bunch of hardware in a...
  8. BradyBunchFJ80

    Builds  Brady Bunch FZJ 80 New Project Build

    I've just purchased my very first 1994 FZJ 80 Toyota Land Cruiser and I'm super stoked to get started on this new project to turn this thing into a solid driver and overland rig. NOTE: I'm a rookie LC owner and learning its nuances as I go. I love the FZJ 80's stout looks and solid reputation...
  9. BisonCruiser

    craigslist  Not Mine* Project Pig (1972) in Loganville, GA $3,000

    1972 FJ55 toyota land cruiser cadilac 500 motor(8.3L), freshly rebuilt turbo 400 transmission, 1973 transfer fj45 transfer case 4w disc brakes, 411 gears with lock rights. Ive got a new gas tank and radiator not installed but the truck will keep getting further along with time as its a...
  10. Toyotacollector

    1973 FJ55 project

    I don't know how this happened but over the last year my wife and I have purchased 3 old Toyotas; an 84 van, a 4wd tercel, and most recently an old FJ55. I wasn't really planning any of them but Craigslist is a dangerous thing... About a month ago my neighbor Gary asked me if I was interesting...
  11. BisonCruiser

    Wanted  Project FJ60

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I had a 1987 Toyota Pickup that first got me into vehicles. I had to sell it for a decent computer and am itching to grab another Toyota. Land Cruisers have been my dream vehicle for a while now. I am looking for an FJ60 (preferably an '87) anywhere in the US. Not...
  12. Shelbyr62

    Wanted Hj60 landcruiser!

    I'm looking for a 60 series landcruiser that has a 2H Diesel engine. 5 speed manual. Don't care about km unless 500000+. Body has to be in a restorable shape and frame not rusted out. I live in Ontario so a cruiser close to me would be great. I also apologize if I'm not using forums correctly.
  13. CruiserWeight

    Cruiserweight: Adventure Rig Build

    So after about a year of day dreaming I have finally decided to take a stab at my beloved 1987 Landcruiser I named Betty, as in Betty White for obvious reasons. The journey started like most; I found myself constantly searching through craigslist ads on an empty pocket. I had been drooling over...
  14. PrinzChaz85

    FJ80 Budgeted Project Build

    Hey Guys, First time poster here. Wanted to get your general thoughts on my future project build. I currently have a 92' FJ80 I bought from an impound yard for $1500. Truck is in pretty rough shape cosmetically but runs great. Solid body, No rust, faded paint, no power steering, shredded dash...
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