1. Gumybob

    For Sale 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Its been awhile since I have been on MUD, but maybe that is because everything has been running great with my Cruiser. This has served me very well, and once I had the top end rebuilt, it has been great. Would appreciate it if any thinks I am selling this for too much or not enough. A lot...
  2. HankRetro

    For Sale P265/60R18 Goodyear Wrangler SR-A (like new) Phoenix, AZ

    Selling like new tires off my GX 460. They have approximately 200 miles of use. Sell new for $120 / tire. $300 for the set. Located in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks.
  3. bluesquirrel

    Alignment shop, Phoenix AZ area

    Any of you have good experience with an alignment shop in the Phoenix area? Last place I took my other Toyota, didn't do too good of a job
  4. Dissent

    Reputable Mechanic Needed in Paradise Valley Area

    I'm looking for a very reputable mechanic up in the Paradise Valley Area to farm out some of my 2004 Dodge Dakota work. Can anyone recommend someone they have experience with?
  5. Ridley

    For Sale 2006 GX470. Phoenix, AZ/ U.S.

    For Sale: 2006 Lexus GX470. 158k. Clean CarFax. Full length FrontRunner Slimline II roof rack with spare tire carrier. FN Koenig Six Shooter Wheels with matching spare. Nitto Terra Grappler G2's with matching spare installed at 150k. LT285/70R17. New 4.56 gears (Nitro). Icon Suspension, stage...
  6. sea bass

    fj60 for sale in Phoenix

    !!! 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 !!! 6500obo. this fj60 is for sale in Phoenix but beware it has some Rust issues the homeowner sent me some pictures these are the two front doors he seems awfully eager and in a hurry to sell it I think he would take 5500
  7. Dimples

    Another emmissions thread

    So going through emissions testing this last time i noticed that the techs did not even lift the hood on my rig to inspect for equipment. All they did was use a mirror to check for my catalytic converter. Is there a point at which this becomes not standard procedure anymore? My rig is a 91 so it...
  8. decavo

    Phoenix area Help to look at 100

    If anyone is willing to help me check this 100 out.... Willing to reciprocate is some form or fashion.... (keep it clean)
  9. tls3601

    Next Phoenix meeting.....................

    So new here but am I correct on Friday April 21st being the next CSC Meeting?? May try and make this one.
  10. LittleRedWgon

    Machine Shop and Welder in Phoenix for Manifold

    Does anyone know a good shop that can weld up my cracked Manifold? Also, I need it milled down as well. If you have any suggestions of a place in the Valley..Please let me know...and what should this cost me? I am new to the area and first timer on the manifold. Thanks!
  11. LittleRedWgon

    Welder - machine shop in Phoenix

    Well, I am at that point that most of us have been....the good ol cracked intake manifold. I only had to pull off the carb and look at it... even as dirty as it was, it's pretty clear. Suspected that this might be one of the problems...along with bad gaskets, loose bolts, etc... Now I...
  12. TexAZ

    FREE 35x13.50/15 Micky Thompson baja claws

    I have a pair of 35/13.50 15 Micky T Baja claw tires, pretty worn and sun damaged. Good for mock up or fitment checks. Or if you just want something heavy to keep around. Located south of Phoenix.
  13. TexAZ

    For Sale Set of 5 285/75 17 TOYO ATIIs $500 located in Phoenix

    Set of 5 TOYO ATII all terrain tires 285/75/17 (34 x 11.2), approximately 30K miles on them. Two are at 70%, the other three are 40-50%. Even wear, no punctures, patches, plugs, just going bigger. Look great and perform well on Rock warriors. Were on 2008 200 series. prefer local pick up...
  14. tommyg1

    Fj60 body/paint shops in phoenix

    Hello all, I'm looking for a body shop in the phoenix area to repair some serious (to me anyway) rear quarter panel and doors. Anyone have any recomendations? I think the right quarter will need a full cut if I can locate one.
  15. A

    For Sale 1988 FJ62, Phoenix AZ

    Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my 1988 FJ62. It has the 4.0 automatic in it. I honestly do not know much about these things so I figured Id sell it to the enthusiasts. It has about 230k miles on it and currently is not running(no fuel delivery, Fuel pump). I had planned to fix it up real nice but...
  16. SAS

    Florence to Superior Phoenix AZ trailsoffroad Meetup with Xploremor Crew and Fans Last weekend was the second trail ride of the month, Florence to Superior; 14 rigs including Jeep, Toyota, Ford, and (gasp!) Land Rover. Bobby/Exploremor and trailsoffroad will be hosting more trail rides monthly. Check the Meetup page for details.
  17. samtoddlee

    Local company for flood lights?

    figured this was quickest way to find out. I'm looking into putting some spots / floods on my roof rack front and back and heard through a friend that there's a local company that produces these types of lights. Friend couldn't remember the name though? Anyone know about this? Thanks.
  18. samtoddlee

    Suggested Mechanics in PHX for H55f swap

    Hey guys: I know there've been lots of threads on this swap in the last few years on Mud. However, I'm actually looking to see if there's a local shop that specializes in Cruisers that anyone has used for an H55f transmission swap. I have two 60 series an 85 FJ60 and an 89 FJ62 that I'd like...
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