1. TrlBlzn4Life

    Place To Off Road - SE Pennsylvania

    Any one interested in meeting a family farm and doing some off roading. It's always better having two or more trucks there.
  2. Toyoder

    Parting Out 1975 (Jul) FJ40 (Drive-line) Pennsylvania 2500

    Offering "as is"! Motor was running last summer and is believed to be a 79. No idea when last on road,but frame is bad. Offering driveline but must be taken as in photos. 2500/obo. (will barter) Motor/Transmission/T-Case/Axles...everything in photos. Call/Text 814 442 3342 Private,All Rights...
  3. Toyoder

    Parting Out 1972 FJ40 (parts) Pennsylvania

    TOP must go FIRST !! (UPDATE) I am going to keep her a little longer! BUT the top/sides and hatch are being offered. I also am looking for a soft top w/hardware.After looking online at sides and tops,I'll be between 1 & 1500 for unbolting the top with the sides.The hatch...not sure yet. Here is...
  4. D

    Mainline Overland Pennsylvania

    Anyone on here have any experience with Mainline Overland shop in Pa? Looking at getting suspension done and wanted to see if anyone had used them before for Cruiser work. Thanks
  5. Toyoder

    Parting Out 2002 4-Runner @ Pennsylvania

    Mudder's, I am considering parting out a 2002 4-Runner of my friends and am testing to see if anyone would be interested in parts. It is Red w/tan interior. Not sure if I want to help him out or not,so checking for interests.
  6. Toyoder

    Trade 63 FJ40 ( Motor & parts + Transmission parts) Pennsylvania

    Hey the I have the 63 I'm parting out and it's pretty much gone. I have the motor (bare),Intake/Exhaust manifolds 200, and the transmission (parts) available. Other postings are for the rest of the 63 and the Axles (complete front/rear,hub-to-hub). Email for details/photos
  7. Toyoder

    Trade 1963 FJ40 Axles (front/rear) Complete hub-to-hub Pennsylvania

    Parting this 63 and it is pretty much gone. I do have the Axles complete from Hub-to-hub. OEM Wheels still on. Open to offers of trades. Looking for accessories for a 2000 4-runner (Blackout lights,Tire carrier,Brush-guard, stuff like that) I also have a 72 Fj40 pretty much looking for...
  8. Toyoder

    For Sale 1st Gen 4-Runner Roll Bar 1st 150 Pennsylvania + More

    I have a 1st Generation roll bar in perfect condition + some of the hardtop interior plastic trim pieces (not sure yet what ones). I want 150 for the roll bar.
  9. Toyoder

    Parting Out 1963 Fj40/25 Drive line available (Pennsylvania)

    I have the 63 that I'm taking down. I have never driven,started or even tried to. Due to issues o n posting photos and getting my emails,please contact me off of Mud and I'll get pics/details of requested items (if not posted). Some parts were pulled already and available: Intake/Exhaust...
  10. tampacruiser95

    Moving to Harrisburg

    Moving to Harrisburg from Tampa in about a month. Anyone know of any good Cruiser mechanics in that area?
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