part time 4wd

  1. AlabamaLX

    SOLD  MARKS Part Time 4WD Conversion Kit - 100 Series

    I have a brand new part time 4WD conversion kit from MARKS 4WD in Australia. I purchased the unit to install on my 2001 LX470, but decided to keep it full time 4WD. This is the kit with the Koyo bearing already pressed onto the center differential spool. LandCruiser 100 series part-time 4WD...
  2. JohnnyFish

    Part Time Kit - bushing needed?

    Hi folks. I'm looking for someone in this community with intimate knowledge of the HF2AV transfer case. I want you to tell me "You don't have to take your t-case apart again to install this. It's an over-engineered part designed by lawyers, and is not needed." Here's the story. I installed a...
  3. burbuja96

    TZK Japanese parts?

    Howdy, Just wondering if anyone has come across/ purchased TZK parts? I recently found a pair of birfs with Toyota PN 43405-60120 for a good price and it says "TZK Japan". Thanks in advance.
  4. Brewsterfire

    For Sale  SOLD-New Part time 4WD kit for 80 series

    Sold my 80 series before install. Improves steering, improves gas mileage and lessens wear. Heavy Duty AVM Professional hubs, converter hub for transfer case, BONUS new Koyo bearing. Fits 91-97, need cdl switch. Asking $350 plus shipping You Tube video has install instructions, easy install
  5. burbuja96

    Part time conversion/ Manual Hubs

    Hello mudders I found a set of hubs with PN 43530-60042 (1) 43530-69055 (1) Is the 2nd one the correct pn for the80s? ( Still modifying the birf) Thanks in advance
  6. Bodda

    100 Series Rear Diff on an 80?

    So long story short, I destroyed my rear diff while wheeling last weekend. It leaked all its oil, and the rear wheels wouldn't spin at all. I couldn't move the truck in 2WD, and had to engage 4WD, essentially running on the front wheels only. This is because I have a part-time 4WD system from...
  7. tampacruiser95

    Does re-gearing and a part-time kit make sense?

    I DD my 80, with about a 10 mile commute one way. I am about to move to PA, so snow and winter weather is likely. I have a rear Aussie locker and have been planning to put one in the front. But to do that I will need a part time kit also. I've been wanting to re-gear for a while too, 4.88 is...
  8. Skeenextreme

    80s Birfield double snap ring grove machining of OE Birfield near San Diego.

    Looking for a machine shop near San Diego that has experience machining the double snap ring groove for hub part time kit install. Has anyone used a local shop?
  9. tlin

    H42/H55F - part-time 4WD?

    80's guy here/3FE ('92) thinking thru some options I might plunk down some $$ against next year. A manual transmission is on the list for consideration......:meh: Reading/researching - this (quoted below) caught my eye - does this really mean that these manual transmissions allow for shifting...
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