1. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - Nice Upper Dash Pad - NO CRACKS - Price Drop 4

    Well, I have been holding on to this for a little while but my rigs are too early to use it so here it is. Nicest upper dash pad I have ever had, that you can now have. No cracks and complete with the rear inside support. This is an OEM pad not a reproduction. The cutout on the drivers side...
  2. zgarre

    Wanted  FJ60 dash pad (grey)

    Looking for a crack-free FJ60 dash pad in gray. Also open to a pad with minor cracks/imperfections that I could send off for repair. Pics much appreciated :)
  3. Dedtruk

    For Sale  FJ40 spare tire bumper pad and hook, southern NJ, USA

    SOLD thanks tstepp! Just the bumper and hook in the pic but I'll scare up the appropriate bolts if I can. I believe these came off a 1979 FJ40. $20 plus shipping, and they'll probably fit in a small flat rate box (about $7). Text or call 215 850 6331. Thanks.
  4. michaelharrisco

    Brake pad plates x2?

    im still getting familiar to my new to me 100 (2000). I had a shop do CV and had them do the brakes while they were in there. Normally I'd do it myself. Got it back and the brakes are now squeaking while driving which really frustrated me. Took the brakes apart tonight and found what appears...
  5. ZGMikey

    Wanted  FOUND!!! - FJ62 Dash Pad (Gray) - Delete me if you want

    Just praying there might be one out there.
  6. joekatana

    For Sale  Specter FJ40 dash pad and lower pads NEW IN BOX

    SOLD SOLD I have a set of Specter reproduction FJ40 dash pads that came with a project and I never used them.These are brand new reproductions of good quality. Upper dash pad is 450$ from Specter I want 300$ plus the ride for it. Lower dash pads are 380$ from Specter I would like to get 250$...
  7. Bripars40

    SOLD  FJ40 Steering wheel and center pad

    I have a stock '76 steering wheel for sale. It's in overall good condition but does have some small cracks and little chips out of the wheel. Asking $150 shipped for the wheel and center pad.Everything is there to bolt this into your truck.
  8. mongoose2231

    SOLD  Fj60 dash pad grey in very nice condition

    I have a grey dash in very nice condition, vents included. No cracks. One tiny blemish. $300 plus shipping.
  9. TacoJonn

    Dash pad for '40 with Roll Cage

    Hey guys, Sorry for the poor image, but as you can circled, my FJ40 that I recently inherited from my late father does not have a dash pad. I am not sure if he never got around to it, or finding one with a roll cage compatibility was an issue. I would like to add one if possible. Do...
  10. Racer65

    For Sale  FJ40 Dash Pad - SOLD

    I'm selling a new OEM FJ40 dash pad that has incurred some shipping damage, therefore the low price. The damage is mostly on the under side (as seen in the first photo), which won't be visible once the pad is installed. The top side has some slight indentations that can be seen if you look...
  11. Bripars40

    For Sale  FJ40 Steering wheel and center pad

    I have a stock '76 steering wheel for sale. It's in overall good condition but does have some small cracks and little chips out of the wheel. Asking $150 shipped for the wheel and center pad. Everything is there to bolt this into your truck.
  12. wardharris

    Terrain Tamer High Performance Brakes

    Last year, Terrain Tamer launched a family of high performance brake products for Land Cruisers - from late 40s through 60, 70, 80, 100 and 200 Series - along with FJ Cruisers. During 2016 we saw many installations in all of these vehicles and more are going out the door to our partner shops...
  13. sunrk

    Hoodliner aka bonnet insulator - genuine or aftermarket?

    My 80 has no hoodliner aka bonnet insulator. Being a ye olde tired 625 k km + 80 series with 1hz diesel and aftermarket Genie headers it's rumbly and resonant and very noisy low down in the audio spectrum. Part of that is due to the exhaust (Aussie-made Redback 2.5" system behind the Genie...
  14. zgarre

    Wanted  Gray OEM Dash Pad for FJ60

    I have a late 1986 FJ60, and I know until a few months ago Specter and a couple of other places had replacement dash pads in stock. Just curious if there is anyone out there who has one that they never installed, or a used one that is 100% crack-free. If you have one you're open to selling...
  15. lettereleven

    Brake pedal travel - not spongy brakes

    Thank you in advance for the insight! Here is my problem: brake pedal travel is really long on the first, and only first, depression of pedal. The second and subsequent presses, brake are amazing. Backstory: I took it to the shop and the front rotors machined and new front pads were installed...
  16. Pistorman

    For Sale  FJ40 Dash Pad and Dash Pad Cover $140 plus shipping.

    I am selling my 1970's FJ40 OEM Dash Pad and a new unused Dash Pad cover. This was the dash pad my late 1970 FJ40 came with. It has some cracks on the outer casing but no structural damage or the filler. I originally intended to have it recovered with black vinyl and to sand the mounting area...
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