1. FJ60GatewayDrug

    The Beast -- (Mis)Adventures of my 1984 FJ60

    I'm about a year overdue for starting this build/documentary thread. Here goes. I'm going to try and include a bunch of photos with this to help other 60 owners who may run into the same issues I have. The first little bit won't have a ton of photos, but the pace will pick up towards the more...
  2. Kabanstva

    Are any of you daily driving their 80-Series?

    How many people are daily driving their 80-Series? Was curious if all you guys have other vehicles that are easier on gas, smaller, etc. for daily commute to work and shopping and what not? Are these "toy/project" vehicles for most people on here or do some use them on a daily basis? Are OEM...
  3. SWUtah

    How many miles do you normally get out of a set of Dunlop tires that come on the LX 570

    Just want to know so I can know how long I have to have these Dunlops before I can get some good tires
  4. shmukster

    Possible day of wheeling at Anthracite this Sunday July 30

    Greg and I may be wheeling at Anthracite this Sunday, at present depending on Greg's schedule and the weather. It would be nice to have a few more trucks. Intention is to explore and map out the western reserve- the area across route 125 from the staging area. Anyone interested?
  5. JCruse

    Found a 5" crack on underside of solar panel... Problem?

    I can just barely catch a fingernail on it and it doesn't appear to cut through any of the black "traces" - it runs mostly between two cells - but it's so hard to tell. I'm wondering what those more learned than I think I should do about this. I don't know how long it's been there and I...
  6. 2001LC

    Anyone recognize this gasket, found in e-brake drum area of rotor??

    I found this inside rear rotor e-brake drum area. What is it from/for???? Seem thick for the area, if axle pulled!
  7. DocuDude

    Looking at a 100, what do you think of the rust underneath in the pics?

    Looking for a 100. I had them climb under and snap pics. What do you think of the rust? And what's up with the zip ties? Thanks
  8. g-man

    gander mountain going out of business sale

    I headed to Gander Mountain today in Charlottesville VA. They are advertising a going out of business sale on TV and on the internet. I thought I might pick up some camping supplies cheap. I realized right away that there was NO big sale going on when I saw several people leaving the store empty...
  9. TexAZ

    Found on the side of the road

    On the road between casa grande and Maricopa. Anyone in the club? Need help or a tow? Beauty of a truck.
  10. B

    For Sale  Two sets of LX tan 3rd row and 2 sets of LC 3rd row. All tan.

    In great shape. Would post pics but have no clue how. $200 a set.
  11. D

    Deciding on age and condition of truck to buy

    Hello everyone I've been lurking on this forum for the past couple of weeks as I decided that my next vehicle will be a Land Cruiser or an LX470. I'll save the detailed introduction once I purchase said car, but right now I would like a bit of guidance in narrowing down my search. I do have...
  12. T

    Anyone else had this sort of result with Lucas fuel additive?

    Short summary: I reluctantly tried Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant fuel additive on my 100-series, expecting snake-oil results. Instead, I consistently found equal or better mileage with lower-grade fuel, and what appears to be less wear-and-tear on my engine oil. I am now a True Believer, and...
  13. chappohj47

    Check this 79 series out

  14. Jorgito

    Need advice on sequence of work on my cruiser

    Hello, I need help from you guys, I have a bunch of stuff accumulated for next month to work on before we go for long road trip. Here is the list: harrop installed front third member with new gears (regeared to 4.88) aussie locker installed rear third member with new gears (regeared to 4.88)...
  15. WHB III

    For Sale  Pair of Driver/Pass FZJ80 Brown Houndstooth Seats

    I have a pair of FZJ80 Brown Houndstooth manual seats for sale. These are in excellent condition and will bolt right in to a FJ/FZJ/LX series truck. These are manual so no gears to constantly break and will give you an extra 1-2" in legroom. I am asking $750 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.
  16. DirtScaresMe

    The radiator infront of my radiator

    So I swapped out the radiator. It seems like the engine coolant and transmission fluid both use the fancy radiator I put in, and the air conditioner uses the half-sized one right behind the grill. So what's up with the metal-finned-radiator thing between the real radiator and the ac unit?
  17. pappy

    2017 Land Cruiser: The Hippo of SUVs

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser: The Hippopotamus of Luxury SUVs
  18. Lil'John


  19. tpham32

    For Sale  $400 - Set of 4 97 FZJ80 aluminum alloys

    Like the title says. They've been sitting in my garage since taken off. I painted them black while they were in good condition so no rust or pitting. Located in Charlotte, NC. Prefer not too ship. They come with 35" Kuhmo Road Ventures with enough tread for a few thousand miles or as rollers...
  20. Ocho77

    craigslist  40 parts/NH/Cheap

    I'm not a 40 owner (yet) but saw this. No clue if there is anything useful from this, but thought I would pass it along. No affiliation. Land Cruiser
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