1. starclassic

    Help! I'm out of state and need inspection near Murfreesboro TN!

    I'm out of state and looking at an 03 Lexus LX470 in Murfreesboro. Some knowledgeable eyeballs would be awesome, just thought I'd see if anyone here on the forum lives close to 37130! If nobody's near there, does anyone have recommendations about a certified inspection service I could use? I...
  2. theron

    Nashville repair

    Has anyone had any luck with repair shops in the greater Nashville area? CS Auto is totally out of the old vehicle repair game. I have a 1984 Pickup that's got a leaky carb and is overheating. Anyone found a good person or shop these days?
  3. Monty231

    Wanted Looking for a 2F near Nashville TN

    Just trying to see what's out there. I've got a decent motor in my 40 right now, although the compression numbers are low. Let me know what you've got and I'll see if we can work out a deal.
  4. G

    New to it all looking for a good mechanic in nashville area.

    Just bought my first 91 fj80 and i am stoked. In the first 24 i replaced the belts and idler pulley bearings, fixed the rear passenger window which has been broken for years, the bottom track fell off, tightened the oil filter which was replaced the day i bought it. and tightened the exhaust...
  5. M

    Merlin2111 - Build Thread

    I just bought a 2004 GX with 92k miles. It is not the color that I wanted but with the service record this truck has I could not pass it up. I am even flying a 1000 miles to go get it and bring it back! I am coming from a Subaru BRZ so this is going to be a very big change for me. According to...
  6. Jacob Auernheimer

    Nashville Tennessee Land Cruiser Meet Up

    Hey Everyone, I'm working on organizing a meet up for April the 2nd at the Nashville Cars and Coffee. I would like to get a head count to see if the event would be worth putting on. If there are enough people we might consider going to nearby Wooly's Off Road Park that afternoon. It would be...
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