1. mrjordann

    AT KO2 vs. MT KM2 vs. MT KM3. Opinions?

    Hey I am debating between BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2, Mud-Terrain KM2, AND Mud-Terrain KM3. Which do you recommend, and why? All things considered: Looks, wear life, snow, noise, etc. Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Sweatyforehead

    HJ60 ON 50" TIRES

    Looking for info on this guy I saw a photo of a couple years back. Some sort of HJ60 running these huge tires (no idea on size). I've been planning to do a similar upgrade to my HJ60 and want to see if there is a thread for his build out there, thanks.
  3. gunnerbac

    Tire Help - Super Swamper SSR vs. BFG Mud Terrain KM2 ?

    Hi. I am looking to see what your opinions are on the Super Swamper SSR and the BFG Mud Terrain KM2. Obviously, I am hoping that people who have run both tires post their opinions here but anyone who has run one of the tires is welcome to give their opinion. I am going to be running size...
  4. Eisener

    Mud holes near edmonton?

    Looking for somewheres i can get my cruiser absolutely coated in mud on Saturday prior to the 780 opener. Somewheres with trees i can winch off or someone willing to pull me out. I don't want to be able to tell what colour paint i have.
  5. lt1fire

    What was your very first post on Mud?

    Andrea asked me last night how long I have been on MUD for when we were talking about social media with friends over a drink. While I knew the month and year since it tells us all under our avatar I couldn't remember what my first post was when she asked. So I looked it up. Technically I had...
  6. montanacruiser

    Good by mud for now

    I just wanted to get on one more time and thank everyone here on mud. I had to buy a truck and get rid of my 80. Thanks for all the hard work on posts that helped me keep my truck up. With the help of this forum I rebuilt my head, lifted my truck and rebuilt my front axles. Not to mention all...
  7. GA Architect

    SOLD  Mud Claw Radial M/T - LT285/70R17

    SOLD For Sale: Four used LT285/70R17 Mud Claw Radial M/T tires with 90% tread left. $400 takes them, pick up in Woodstock, GA. SOLD
  8. thewall151

    FJ60 mud flap clip part number

    Looking for the part number for fj60 mud flap clips please? Thank you, Aaron
  9. razorback06

    is this a mud member rig by chance

    found these by accident , hope they made it out alive 77 year model
  10. Berzerker76

    Modified OEM mud guards with a Slee double swing-out rear bumper?

    Like the title says, is anyone running the OEM mud flaps with the Slee dual swing-out rear bumper? I'm wondering if it's even possible to run them if trimmed. Thought I'd check and see if anyone has done this successfully before I start cutting up a perfectly decent set. If anyone has done...
  11. H

    Big shout out to MUD member Sandroad!!

    Hey Roger I really and truly want to say thanks. Number 1: for taking such immaculate care of your 2004 LC Number 2: For selling it to me!!! The truck is about a perfect as you could get, given it's 13 years old. Your most excellent maintenance records take all the guesswork out of what...
  12. drew151

    Wanted  MUD FLAPS for 1988 FJ62

    Im looking for a set of flaps for my rig. Anybody sitting on a set?
  13. AndrewHadji

    Mud Troopy folks, take a moment please

    I would have taken this to PM but you can only add 5 people. If you have a troopy please comment below with shirt size for you and a significant other if you want. I have some stuff coming over from AUS and want to get an order in with the Troop Carriers of Australia crowd to make the shipment...
  14. DJCloz

    Anyone Running BFG KM2 Mud Terrains? Feedback

    I am seriously considering some 35x12.5r18 (34.8x12.5) or 285/70R18 (33.7x11.5) BFG KM2 and I am just looking for some feedback. I currently run KO2 305/65/18, but I am making the switch to a Mud terrain. KM2 is not my favorite looking Mud tire, but I am a fan of BFG and white letters out. I...
  15. SoCal_80

    For Sale  '06 LC rear mud flaps

    Both available in good condition. $50 for the pair. Local pick up in Long Beach, CA 90808.
  16. seventysixers

    For Sale  (UT) fj40 bj42 heat shields mud guards etc

    I have various heat shields mud guards and exhaust hangers for 79-84 fj and bj models. Most have been powder coated. Pricing is plus shipping Text if interested 801-209-7396 Large side exhaust shield 50$ Black fuel hose protector 25$ Small rectangle black mud guard 15$ Larger odd shaped mud...
  17. Matt1260

    Wanted  Fj40 tail light mud guards

    Looking for a pair of these in good condition.... 1974 +
  18. Ramathorn15

    Do I need anything special to sell on Mud?

    Hoping to get an answer from a mod. Do I need to do anything to be able to sell my small creations through mud? Aka things I build for cruisers. Thanks!
  19. OKCFJ62

    Wanted  FJ62/FJ60 Mud Flaps/Mud Guards

    Is there someone who would be interested in selling a full set of mud flaps? I would need the model without fender flares. I attached a picture of exactly what I am looking for. PM me if you have a set available for sale. They are for my 1989 FJ62.
  20. S

    Wanted  Mud Flaps for '90 FJ62 (USA)

    I just bought a '90 FJ62 for my soon to be 16-year-old son (yes, I'm living vicariously through him ;)). It is in good shape and I'm having some basic interior work performed and also having it gone through mechanically (200k miles). There are a few small things missing I'd like to add to it...
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