1. Shanle929

    SOLD Z34 hood louvers

    Selling a pair of hood louvers from a Lumina Z34. They were powder coated flat black from previous owner. I was going to use them on my 80, but am doing something different. So don’t need them. $100 bucks plus shipping. Can do local pickup in Corona CA(USA) as well. They come with the...
  2. c2dfj45

    1963 FJ40....restoration but maybe modification build....

    Stumbled upon this cool little 1963 FJ40 with the factory hardtop in one of my late night searches somewhere near the end of the internet......she arrived yesterday from to say Florida is probably the furthest it has been in its life. Neat truck....very complete. This truck was...
  3. 3

    81-84 bellhousing modification

    Not sure if anyone has done this before. I've been thinking about this for some time, the early 75-80 bellhousings are harder to find with a good inspection cover. Decided I'd try this and all seems good. the holes need to be drilled and tapped for 12mm bolts. then did the same for the other...
  4. Abdulwahab

    Landcruiser Repairs In Kenya

    We Repair Landcruisers and Even sorcehard to find parts In Kenya.
  5. E

    Transplant 4.2L 1HDFT on 105 (1HZ)

    Hello, I have a complete 1HDFT 24-valves with all the electronics and accesories surrounding the engine. I want trnsplant it into 2004 105 with 1HZ engine. A few questions: - Does somebody did it before? - What problems I should expect? - Does a menual gear will fit? Thanks
  6. S

    60/62 later model parts upgrade or interchange

    I’ve been combing the forum for parts I need to replace on my 60 and coming across possible oem upgrades is kind of random. So I just wanted to possibly start a thread on OEM later model year upgrade parts for the FJ60 that are either a bolt on or very minor modification to make work as...
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