1. suprarx7nut

    For Sale  Colorado: LX470 Power Folding Mirrors with Switch and Computer

    I bought these to convert my 99 Land Cruiser to have the retract feature for my narrow garage. Instead, I bought an entire LX470, so now I don't need these. Oops. My loss is your gain. I have two mirrors from an LX470 (both in a white pearl, I believe). One mirror control switch with the...
  2. masperk

    Wanted  FJ62 black manual side mirrors OEM

    Looking for a set of black manual OEM FJ62 side mirrors for my 60 ship to 40222 pm if you have some thanks
  3. Semiazai

    Vent Windows and Upgraded Mirrors

    I installed vent windows recently (I grew up calling them wing windows...) and noticed that they get really close to the stock US mirrors. I had intended to eventually upgrade my mirrors to the Aussie style, but suspect that my vent windows would bump into them. Does anyone know if that is true...
  4. C


    I’ve posted in the wrong section! Earlier I have just noticed I apologize I was digging a bit Deeper and I guess paying more attention and found where I need to Post. Anyway..... I have a gorgeous near perfect condition only reason I say near is because their old These mirrors was taken off...
  5. stock

    FREE  Round side view mirrors. Free

    A pair of side view mirrors from my 40 that are left over. This is for the mirrors, no arms included, but you can get those anywhere. They are free, you pay postage. Or if you are in Philadelphia, I can leave them for you at my business, Philadelphia Salvage and you can pick them up.
  6. Rolocado

    Purple side mirrors?

    i was driving home tonight and my side mirrors seemed to have a purple tint to them. I'm assuming it has to do with the headlights being on but I don't know if that's normal or something going out. Something in the heated part of it?? It's hard to see in the picture but wondering if it's...
  7. W

    FJ Cruiser sideview mirrors on an FJ60/62

    Has anyone heard of this mod before? Anyone ever done it?
  8. unfortunately

    Wanted  Custom cut convex mirror glass?

    I have an HJ61 with electric fender mirrors. They are the coolest bit of unobtainium that I've, um, obtained. Only real problem is, the glass is cracked on both sides. Is there a vendor anywhere in the world that will create new mirror glass based on specs (and ship it to the United States)? Or...
  9. Rusty 72

    Wanted  mirrors for a 40

    Looking for a pair of mirrors with arms for a 40. Looking for the older style with a small round mirror
  10. stock

    Adding heated mirrors to 96?

    CORRECTION it's a 91, but I can't seem to alter the header. Yup, searched. Can't find anything except a guy who did a diy element on his stock mirror. But he did that for cost ($15) and I'm not really concerned with that. I have a 91 with power NON heated mirrors, but see these on Ebay...
  11. C

    For Sale  Land Cruiser-1985 mirrors and climate control

    Land Cruiser-1985 mirrors and climate controL Please send messages if interested 832-452-6647
  12. cruiserfj45

    OEM Euro Spec FJ60 Mirrors or OEM 70 series mirrors???

    Which ones are better for visibility and life expectancy. OEM Euro Spec Land Cruiser FJ60 Mirrors - Set of 2 OEM 70 Series Black Mirrors, Fits FJ60 - Set of 2
  13. LCunderhill

    For Sale  FJ62 Chrome Mirrors

    please delete
  14. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 mirrors

    Rustic but completely functional side mirrors and rear view mirror. All glass is good. $50 for all three plus the ride.
  15. sdbrassfield

    Wanted  WTB - fj62 side mirrors

    WTB fj62 side mirrors. Driver and passenger side. PM me...
  16. cwmoser

    LX Mirrors - do yours have this behavior?

    2002 LX470. When you shift to Reverse both side mirrors are supposed to tilt downward to aid in backing up. I thought mine were not working properly until I moved the mirror adjustment slide switch to the L or R position. When I have it in the middle position, the mirrors do not tilt. Is this...
  17. LXstatic

    Indicator Sideview Mirrors

    Anyone experienced with these: Lexus LX470 signal side mirror cover pair/gift/puddle light | eBay I really like the indicator mirrors with puddle lights on my wife's 4runner and ran across these yesterday...
  18. Indygbd

    For Sale  FJ40 door mirrors

    This is a pair of fj40 door mirrors. Good condition. $60.00 pair
  19. Indygbd

    For Sale  FJ40 rear view mirrors

    Several fj40 rear view mirrors. 25.00 each. All for $70.00
  20. bmorgan

    New fix for shaky sideview mirrors - picture heavy

    Hey everyone. I've waiting a few months to make this post - to see how my shaky mirror fix worked. Turns out not so well, but I think there is hope. There is still stuff called Bondic. It's like $25 or so on Amazon. If you've been to the dentist in the past 10 years and they put that blue...
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