1. OREGON85

    Mini Toy to 80 noob intro/questions...

    I have posted a couple times, but figured I should make an official introduction. I've finally accepted the reality that my '85 pickup that I've been wheeling and driving since I could drive is no longer practical now that I have three kids..... so now I have an 80! I love it, even though we...
  2. dkdnt232

    For Sale ****sold****mini power steering box from 1982 hilux 4x4 truck (92335)

    hello guys, i am selling a power steering box from a mini truck. it was removed from a running truck that was upgraded to the crossover steering. the box turns freely and comes with pitman arm, low pressure fitting, and stock mini pedestal. i am asking *****it's been sold***** including the...
  3. B

    Techstream Mini VCI - Selected system is not responding or not available

    Hi there. I am trying to read my AHC pressure on my 1998 LX470 but I am getting the following message for any system (including the AHC) that I select. Selected system is not responding or not available. Please check the repair manual for applicable systems. It also changes the box from yellow...
  4. Dedtruk

    SOLD Batch o' misc mini truck parts in southern NJ, USA

    Scrapped, actually. Tired of looking at it .... I am sooo sick of looking at this stuff ... Most from 1984 to '88 minis and 4Runner: Crank pulleys, emergency brake handle and cable, exhaust manifold (with stainless air pipe for EGR) for 22R and the downpipe to the cat, couple of 26 spline...
  5. nuclearlemon

    Wanted white steel mini rim

    very good to excellent condition. just one. like the pic below with shipping to 80640
  6. Tugarin

    Need help, IPF harness mini relay

    Trying to replace the socket on that thing and there is no any information about it. Does or can anybody direct me to the type of the plug-in socket used for this thing? Highly appropriated, killed 6 hours of my time trying to figure out no success :( This is the pic from web but mine is...
  7. LXstatic

    Mini Storage Drawers

    Has anyone built a mini version of the drawer system(s) in order to still have use of the 3rd row seats? If so, can you point me to the build thread? I can't seem to find anything about such...
  8. jayhawkcruiser

    Wanted 4Runner Center Console Needed

    Looking for a center console for my 1985 4Runner. I really need the section that goes around the shifters (5 speed) including the shifter boots on the inside and outside. Would prefer brown but open to other colors. Thanks Craig
  9. WestGemini

    22r Aisan Carb 35291

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker for this site. I've finally decided I need to make my own account and ask for some more specific help with this issue I've been having with my truck. Hoping someone out there can help me out. From what I can tell there's something wrong with my carburetor...
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