1. BajaCruiser94

    For Sale FZJ80 Magnuson Supercharger Kit (Used) for Sale

    SOLD! So, its time to announce this. On Monday, I will remove the Magnuson Supercharger from my 97 FZJ80 rig, the kit was bought win the group buy organized by 2fpower on March '16. My plans with my rig became different, nothing is wrong with the supercharger; I actually just replaced the...
  2. Ian Mac

    SOLD Magnuson Supercharger for FZJ80 - FOUND/BOUGHT

    Looking for a magnuson SC complete kit for my 1997 LC - which are seemingly Great White Buffalos these days.
  3. Ali M

    TRD or Magnuson supercharger?

    I have seen what it can do to Tundra's 5.7 V8 with added power/torque and improved gas mileage and dealers offering to install TRD ones with warranty, but wondering if it's the same case for us LC/LX owners. Anyone here has a supercharger installed? Dealer in this video claims the Tundra stock...
  4. 2fpower

    For Sale Magnuson supercharger for 1fz motor FZJ80

    As many of you know Magnuson was the manufacturer of the OEM Toyota Dealer option supercharger. When Toyota gave up this program, Magnuson got the rights to sell them directly. I got set up as a distributor and when Magnuson decided to stop selling them, I bought out the rest of the inventory...
  5. SBFJ60FIG

    3UZ TRD Blower differences?

    Does anyone know what the difference in the TRD blower was when going from the first incarnation 2007-2013 to the 2014-2015 kit? Is it possible to put an earlier one on a 2014-15 truck? It seems if you get one from Magnuson they only offer it in one fitment for all years of Tundra. I'd...
  6. Hannibal LX

    For Sale SUPERCHARGER 80 series 4.5L by Magnuson (new)

    $5100 *** I have one Magnuson manufactured SUPERCHARGER 4.5L being shipped to me (brand new) within 5-7 days. If anyone wants it, it will be $5100. If you don't want to miss the opportunity to have the ever evasive "unicorn" SC of the 80 series, then hit me up. I will not budge on the price and...
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