1. G0lden

    For Sale  Autohome Airtop RTT (medium)

    Sad to let it go, but I am moving to the East Coast and if I’m honest with myself this tent won’t see much use for the next couple years. It is in excellent condition. I purchased it secondhand last year. It was barely used before me and I’ve used it less than 10 times. It sleeps very well...
  2. RFB


    SOLD Im going a different route and will be letting go of my recently aquired Maggiolina medium Its a hand crank seriously well made roof top tent. Ive used it a couple dozen times and it was white, I painted it black with marine grade topcoat. comes with everything as though you bought it...
  3. RFB

    front sway drop blocks

    I need to fab up a set of drop blocks. Ive had a whiteline front sway for a while. and Im going to install it. Im using @LandCruiserPhil quik dissconnects and need to know what size to make these drops. I saw slee's drop blocks on @Irish Reiver rig yesterday, and Ive seen others but I want to...
  4. CuCruiser

    autohome anti-condensation mat

    I'm looking for alternatives to autohome's anti-condensation mat. Could someone let me know what it's thickness is? Specifically, I'm looking at getting 2 yards of this: 3d Spacer Mesh Fabric Military - Looking to be about $114 shipped. Made in USA. I've ordered thinner spacer...
  5. RFB

    Installing Solar panel to RTT

    Im going with this set up on top of the maggiolina and Its width will end up over top of the ridges autohome decided to put on top of the shell, So I want to secure it but dont really want to perforate the shell. so is there an adhesive anyones had success with? I dont want this very light...
  6. F

    For Sale  Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour RTT

    I'm selling my 2 year old Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (see link to picture below). It is in excellent shape and has only been used a handful of times. I'd like to keep it, but I no longer have time to use it with work and family responsibilities. I am a non-smoker and this unit has never been...
  7. G0lden

    Wanted  Autohome RTT

    I’m the proud owner of a new-to-me LX 470 that I’m picking up next week. As a naturally patient person, I’d like to get out start using the truck ASAP Ground level tents are great, but browsing the forum has sold me on a RTT. Looking for a hard shell model, preferably Autohome brand. Located in...
  8. vegansbane

    SOLD  Maggiolina Extreme RTT w/Removable Winter Hood

    I'm selling my Maggiolina Extreme rooftop tent to offset some other upgrades. It's the "small" model in standard white/light grey color. Included is the Winter Hood cold weather insulation (OEM, it's a metallicized cover that attached over the normal walls). The Extreme model has an extra...
  9. P

    Wanted  Autohome Maggiolina Extreme RTT

    Let me know via PM if you have one to move! Thanks!
  10. bucketman

    Maggiolina RTT's- Anyone have one I can look at before buying

    I'm located in Medford, OR but travel frequently on I5 to Portland, OR, Chehalis, WA, Sacramento area, North Bay area (Vacaville, Vallejo, etc...) Ideally I'd like to stop by on one of my trips north or south to see a tent if there isn't anything to see locally. I'll also be in the LA area Dec...
  11. cruiserpilot

    Camping mattress to fit Maggiolina Extreme Small

    The inflatable air pad market is huge, but really hard to find a perfect fit. I did. My interior dimensions are 49" X 72" and I didn't want to join two with a seam in the middle. Also, I am limited to 2" thick just because with bedding and all, that's all I can make work. So I found this on...
  12. buck208

    For Sale  Autohome Maggiolina Extreme RTT with Changing room

    *******SOLD******SOLD*******SOLD**********SOLD**********SOLD****** Selling used Maggiolina Extreme RTT with Changing room. I bought this used from an EXPO member last fall and am moving to a bigger RTT that'll fit 4. I believe this one is 3-3.5 years old, in great shape, no leaks, no rips, no...
  13. T

    For Sale  Maggiolina pop up mounted on trailer located in southern az

    I replaced canvas 2 years ago no leaks 1/2 ton axle $200.00 obo call or text tom 5202481350
  14. Get outside

    For Sale  TJM Yulara RTT - SOLD

    Well, I'm liquidating my garage! I love this tent but need to get rid of some stuff in order to buy a house! Bought it brand new in 2014. Had some good trips with it. Am asking $985. Very, very good condition, no tears or holes. Mattress is perfect, cover and zipper close tight (no dust leak)...
  15. 85x

    For Sale  Maggiolina Grand Tour Medium Roof Top Tent SF, CA

    Good condition Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour Medium RTT located in San Francisco. This is the top of the line model retails over $4,000 with shipping, tax etc. Very hard to find in this condition. No holes, rips or mold. Screens are nice and zippers are smooth. Even still has the pillows and...
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