1. mookamatook

    M416 Camper Build Advice

    Hey fellow mudders. I have a new project that I would love some help with. I found a local M416 trailer that I'm going to pick up tomorrow. It's in near mint shape, has tailgate intact, shorter pintle/lunette hitch, 12pin connector, lights work, side indicator is included, original wheels/tires...
  2. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  M416 Trailer For Sale

    Saved an m416 and planned on keeping it, but after I got the parts bill for my pig its hitting the market, ha! Pretty solid trailer. Few small rust spots in bed that have rusted through- rest surface rust. I’d hit it with rust convert, fluid film, coat bed and roll. I have a ton of pics I can...
  3. General Automag


    For sale: M416 ¼-TON MILITARY OFF-ROAD "EXPEDITION" TRAILER WITH AIR-LIFT ROOF TOP TENT $5,200 neg. If you have any questions or would like any more pictures, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our family size has increased, and this awesome and very functional trailer that needs a new home. This...
  4. Geneyus

    "How-to" for inspecting bearings/hub/axle?

    Is there a YouTube Video or write-up on how to take apart the hub and inspect the bearings? I found one video where the guy already has the hub taken apart. I'm not even sure how to get to that point. In the picture below, the nuts labeled "A" and "B" that I un-tighten are just spinning freely...
  5. Geneyus

    Considering Durabak for M416

    I just requested smooth and textured samples of Durabak in olive green and sand. I'd like your opinions on how you like the smooth or the textured. How durable are they? I'm planning on applying it to my M416 trailer and abusing it like a regular trailer. I plan on shoveling mulch out of it a...
  6. RotorHead04

    Tow the M101, go RTT, or stick with Ground Tent? Post Pics!

    Im gearing up for family road trip vacations this summer. Trips will be out west to the mountains and trails of UT, CO, and AZ. This year will be a first for the wife being that our little boy is old enough to really get out and enjoy travels. Looking into new options for camping with little...
  7. rkycacher

    For Sale  Willy's Trailer - Spen Model H (CO)

    After a ton of online research, I have what I believe is a Spen Model H trailer. This trailer was licensed and sold as the official Willy's trailer. This one lost all of the original markings after numerous paint jobs (blue, red, green, silver), but my guess was that it was built back in...
  8. KY Longhunter

    For Sale  M416 - 1/4 ton Military Trailer [KY]

    M416 - 1/4 ton Military Trailer for sale --- $1850 obo Good condition Pintle Hook, Folding Leg, Handbrake, Wiring Harness new Aluminum Data Plates located in Bowling Green, Kentucky call or text 270 Seven Nine One 5236
  9. ouroutdoorfamily

    For Sale  Starting a new 416 Trailer... could be yours

    Okay, starting in on building out a new 416 Trailer. So far the frame is done and the walls are tacked together and tailgate opening is cut. Should be done in a few weeks, this trailer will go for $5200. It has a 3500 lb axle, the trailer is running 35" X 12.5" 15" tires on 15" wheel with a 6 on...
  10. ElviMcCoy

    Maryland M416 auction on 2/22

    US ARMY Tank Automotive Command M416 Cargo Trailer
  11. 77TLCFJ40

    TIRES - On Stock 16" Wheels - M416, M100, M101-CDN

    What size, brand, and model tires are you running on your 1/4 Ton trailers on stock 16" wheels? Any issues? Rubbing when heavily loaded? Bias with tubes, radials, radials with tubes? Please post pics with your info! Here is some size info I have compiled: OEM M416 Wheels are 16 X 4.5 with 5...
  12. mep1811

    No turn signals on M416 all else works

    I have a trailer (M416) lights issue and am at a loss how to resolve it. When hooked up to my FJ-60, 7blade RV to a 4 pin trailer using an adapter I do not get any turn signals. When the trailer is hooked up to another vehicle, 4pin to 4 pin the trailer lights work perfectly. When my FJ-60 is...
  13. ouroutdoorfamily

    For Sale  Backcountry Trailer for Sale (M416 Clone)

    ---SOLD--- I am taking orders for builds, you can see the current design here (just click on the first image and it's an interactive model: http://www.trinitydesignandfabrication.com/gallery Trailer For Sale: (Does not include bikes, boat or cooler) M101 Clone 2X3X3/16 Rect Tubing Frame...
  14. Pyro-boy

    New toy!

    Picked up a M416 trailer...I'm going to mount my roof top tent and let the adventures begin.
  15. mep1811

    For Sale  M-416 Wheels , El Paso, TX

    SOLD SOLD I have two M-416 wheels . $50.00 each plus shipping
  16. ouroutdoorfamily

    For Sale  M416 type trailer for sale (Tomball, TX) USA

    Trailer for sale $2500 PRICE REDUCED $2000 M416 type trailer for sale, (landcruiser not included) 4' x 6' tub size 2"x 3'x 3/16 tubing frame 14ga. tub 33 X 10.5 X 15 tires/wheels (6 on 5.5" bolt pattern) 3500 lb axle extendable tongue up to an extra 28" Herculiner on the bottom and inside of...
  17. LX 470 and M416

    LX 470 and M416

    Great weekend camping with my boys on the Buffalo River.
  18. scottymarks

    For Sale  1966 Stevens m416 w/ RTT

    NO LONGER FOR SALE Everything works! (frame was sand blasted, primed and sprayed) - New military tires w/ full size spare (spare is used) - Two Jerry Can Holders- not attached but sanded and sprayed - Max Coupler Articulating Hitch - Elevating platform with gas struts - CampingLab Roof Top Tent...
  19. Teddy

    Trade  m416 for m101a2 in SC

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