1. ISRLC

    LSD in FJ62 - Clutch pads

    Hi, the LSD of my 1988 FJ62 (H55F - KO85) needs maintenance and before I open it wanted to be sure the sort of clutch pads for the LSD system are still available. Was searching them in the different pages but couldn't find them. It is 85'000 kms only and it is in South America. Tks in advance...
  2. L

    Auburn LSD

    Does anyone have personal experience running the Auburn Pro LSD in the LC200? Any issues with the factory traction control system?
  3. Hiace4wd

    When does an LSD work?

    Hi all, I have a Limited Slip Differential in the rear axle of my Toyota Hiace van. It is a G rear axle, meaning it is the same as in a Hilux or 4Runner from the nineties, so it is nothing specific to my van. It is a Toyota factory LSD, using the special diff oil for LSDs. I know (or let's say...
  4. Red Rattler

    LSD in the front????

    Hi everyone, Has anyone put a Toyota (pulled a rear led and placed it in the front) LSD in the front diff? If so, how did it perform, was the installation easy. I only ask as i have a spare lsd and thought it may work like a locker in the front but have some more give and not be has harsh on...
  5. GTSSportCoupe

    Any advantage to LSD in front diff?

    I'm tempted to pick this up. Pretty sure it's a straight forward install into my truck. $100 · Toyota 8inch Factory LSD I have a factory rear e-locker. Was going to install a front e-locker, but they are hard to find (80 series works for example). Anyhow price is so cheap on this diff it's...
  6. sorich

    How to test stock LSD (Limited Slip Differential)?

    I've searched and searched..... Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looking for the best way to test the functionality of the LSD in my '98 LX470. It's past 150K miles and I've heard that LSD's only have a service life of 30K-50K miles before they basically turn into open diffs...
  7. SkyMall

    Anyone out there running front & rear LSDs?

    I know selectable lockers are generally considered the way to go, followed by a rear auto locker of some sort, but I am fascinated by the idea of running front and rear LSDs. I know the only option for the rear is the Auburn and the front is either an Auburn or a TrueTrac. As I understand it the...
  8. Bardiya

    OEM LSD Test and Fluid Change

    Okay So My LSD is 15 years old now and I want to check if it still works and change the oil, I'm pretty sure I saw a thread on this some time ago so if anyone could point me in the right direction or if you have any advices of your own I'd be grateful.
  9. mosalf

    Limied Slip Differential - Have I got it?

    Hi Guys, Super forum for the 80, a lot to learn and nice guys to ask the touch questions that your mechanic doesn't bother to reply about....sums up IH8MUD 80 series forum for me. So here goes. I have a noise from my back diff which increases as I pass over 50mph but subsides as I pass over...
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