1. LeRoy Cordova

    For Sale 1977 FJ40 Clean low mileage example

    Available for purchase is a 1977 FJ40 with 57K on the ticker. I have done my best to preserve this FJ40. What can I say? Everything works! I have spent a lot of time working to preserve an original FJ. I have taken extensive pictures to document the preservation process. This vehicle was towed...
  2. C

    For Sale Low 130k miles LC locked

    1999 Land Cruiser 130k miles No rust. Paint and body in perfect shape. Service records included. Car fax. All maintenance up to date. Timing belt done at 90k Transmission fluid and all driveline fluids changed along with coolant at 90k Old Man Emu 2.5 inch lift OME control arms and torsion bars...
  3. B

    For Sale Craigs Find LA 04 LX low miles

    Found this on CL. One owner low miles all dealer serviced. I had a PPI done but passed on the truck because couldn't negotiate price low enough to my comfort zone. I'll share PPI with anyone here that's interested, though. 2004 Lexus LX470 Low Mileage
  4. Bankska11

    For Sale LOW mileage '04 LX in SC

    57k miles. One owner. Dealership in Greenville, SC has it. I looked at it this morning. Very clean, but has a STRONG smoke smell...
  5. TroutFJ

    Low vacuum and compression?

    Hey folks, I finally got Babe pretty much put back together and installed a new gauge pod over the weekend and started running some diagnostics because she seems sluggish. Here is some quick information on what I've done to her (that would affect the numbers) I live at 9000' 33"x12.5 BFG AT's...
  6. btbowie

    For Sale WTB: 3rd Gen 4Runner. Well cared for, low mileage. (In VA but will travel.)

    Hey Everyone, I sold my Land Cruiser last week fully intending to get into a Tacoma build, but plans have fizzled a bit due to prices being slightly insane so I've started looking at 3rd gen Runners for now. Aside from some outliers it seems like I should be able to nail one down for a...
  7. Andre Kuznetsov

    For Sale 2000 Land Cruiser, Super Low miles .. Portland, OR

    Unforeseen financial obstacles are forcing me to put up for sale my pride and joy...Its a 2000 Landcruiser 100 series with ONLY exactly 100k miles on it. Everything works as it should and there are absolutely no issues.. The cruiser does not have any dings or dents, no fading and no weather...
  8. L

    Wanted LOW MILE FJ80 1995-2007 LOCKERS

    I am looking for a low milage (under 125,000) clean with front rear diff lockers. Mostly if not all stock
  9. rustybucket

    oil light fickers on camry ..1/4 low drive home..light flickers again .. no oil pressure!

    I was thinking...mmm bad oil pressure light switch? I was heading off the highway to see my my old house when the light on 3sfe engine was flickering. I turned around drove 1/4 mile stopped at a gas station and perched a quart of oil. The engine does not leak or burn oil. So checked the stick it...
  10. silverhorse


    I'm about to tear into my case to part time it. I thought good opportunity to re-gear the t-case.. So I'm gauging interest to see if maybe a mass buy is possible for the Marlins gears. I would prefer the Marlin gears since they are made in Japan. Not knocking those of you who have the Trail Gear...
  11. meales37

    Need some advice - low compression

    Hello mudders, I have a 77'FJ40 that up till a couple weeks ago ran great, now it seems like to have hardly any power at all. i have checked several things but nothing really stands out. After alot of reading on this forum I came to the conclusion I may have a blown headgasket. i have done a dry...
  12. stoshzack

    F155 Low Compression - how to proceed?

    Hi All - I finally confirmed what I was thinking all along, my stock (and project) '70 FJ40 F155 engine has low power. Ran a dry compression test and got 90/80/80/80/85/90. I know normal is 140-150. My question is how to proceed? I heard people having success removing the head for milling...
  13. J

    Very Low Compression/milky oil

    Hello Mudders, I've trolled the site for a lot of info but this is my first post. 1974 FJ40 w/ F155 motor I noticed milky oil building up in my oil fill cap, and in the PCV valve but not on my dipstick. I got the vehicle to operating temperature and did a dry compression test, followed by a...
  14. rc51kid

    Low milage parts truck or scam?

    Lexus LX450 I have no affiliation with this truck. But it is at a local yard. I really wanted the front seats but the seller said they went to a guy in SC. Which one of you guys got that deal? Anyway, look at the pictures of before it rolled. Looks like it was 115,000 miles. If this all looks...
  15. OTRAMM

    80 Series 3:1 low range gears

    The super charged 80 can go fast and stop well. Now it's back to go slower.
  16. DJCloz

    Craigslist find 03 w/ low miles in Los Angeles Area

    this looks like a smoking deal for a low miles truck. clean 2003, 99K miles, $13,7..... seems like $12,5 cash to me! Toyota Land Cruiser 2003
  17. airsix

    Bizarre oil pressure - low on cold start, higher after warmup

    Searching the forum I can't find any posts describing this condition. '96 FZJ80, 1FZ-FE, 210,000 miles. This is a recent development. On cold start (temps around 40F) I'm registering nearly zero movement on the oil pressure gauge. After warmup (coolant at full operating temp) oil pressure...
  18. Alaska ADV

    Low Idle Before Big Trip, Need Advice

    Ive avoided writing this thread for as long as I could, and did an absurd amount of searching. Cant seem to find any one person's situation that accurately replicates mine. Need some advice. I have a 93 FZJ80 with 158k miles on the 1FZ-FE. It has been idling low for about six months now. At...
  19. Jay-

    Low heat from FJ60

    Also there is a duck tape job and the metal tube is loose. Id like to figure it out, where to start. It "Warms up" but not hot. assuming the metal tube needs to be refreshed. And the duct tape on the air intake is bad.
  20. T

    PO141 and low sensor voltage

    I have been getting a PO141 on my 1996 Land Cruiser. It appears through my research that it points to the rear sensor, which as changed about 5 years ago. Just for kicks I hooked up my Icarsoft reader that I use for my Range Rover. This reader provides OBDII data streams. Interestingly the...
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